Mother shrinks the waist with a corset

VIRGINIA – Diana Lingo describes herself as a naval veteran, wife and mother… but she is turning her head on the street and online at the shrinking waist! She hopes that before the baby’s body recovers, she says she started waist training after giving birth to twins.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner also have famous waist training.

Due to the lack of her curves, Ringo adopted a controversial method… wearing a corset all day long. The fascinating mother said that she wore her corset about 23 hours a day.

She reshaped her body into an extreme hourglass shape, while being praised and criticized. Diana insists that she trains responsibly and gets more than 20,000 clicks on her DIY YouTube channel.

Ariel Winter wears a bodice and cargo pants to participate in the Levi Meaden basketball game

After their epic Halloween weekend, Ariel Winter borrowed some styles of inspo from another pop culture icon.
The modern family star cites Kim Possible in the Los Angeles Lakers game on Sunday night, wearing a black bodice and Kim’s signature sweatpants – bringing the concept of “underwear dressing” to a new world-class show. . Drawing on Kim’s style book, she paired high-heeled black boots with some serious avant-garde rivets, with hoop earrings and a black ladies bag. She wears long black hair and falls off her shoulders, keeping her makeup neutral, shiny bare lips and a touch of eye makeup.
Ariel isn’t the only one to bring back green cargo pants: Levi is using his own GF, wearing black boots and black henley. Based on their clothing alone, the two are ready for any “sitch.”
Today, bringing boudoir clothing to the streets is a favorite of celebrities. Bella Hadid recently wore her own pink corset when she was dating The Weeknd, and Kendall Jenner made the underwear look like by wearing a white bodice and Adidas sweatpants. More sporty.
If anyone has anything to say about Ariel Winter’s view of style, she has some important things to share. Last year, she responded to the dressing swingman on Instagram, and she questioned some of her wardrobe choices. “As a child, you will do whatever it is for you,” she wrote. I am an adult now, he can make his own choices and have his own identity,” she wrote. And just because I decided to show my body occasionally doesn’t mean I’m not smart or I don’t have talent or I don’t have self-esteem.”

In order to counter the society, Korean women are crushing cosmetics

Seeing our favorite highlighter sticks on the entire floor, or our lip balm deformity and smearing in our cosmetic bag lining is a nightmare fuel for any makeup lover, but Korean women support it for a very important reason.

As a woman, we often feel pressure to find or take certain actions, especially Korean women have recently suffered the most serious blow. At that time, the first female anchor on Korean TV was strongly opposed because of the simplicity of wearing glasses. A girl must see!

As a result, women from all over Korea are now participating in the counterattack of the “Escape from the Corset” campaign, which sees women smashing cosmetics in response to pressure from society.
Video that is popular with Instagram shows that high-end palettes and lipsticks are fragmented to create artwork, although it may make us feel a bit nervous, but trend followers hope to bring change to the industry. It has been stiff in history.
Korean woman Cha Ji-won is a woman who is involved in change. She said that she used to spend 100,000 won / 68 pounds a month to make up her own makeup.

She told the Guardian: “Everyone has so much mental energy every day, and I used to spend too much time worrying about “beautiful.”


Emma Stone says her “organ shift” after wearing a corset as a movie character

Another movie, another horror story of a corset.

Just like Dakota Fanning is in front of her, Emma Stone admits that her new movie “The Favorite” is wearing a corset that has caused serious damage to her body.

The 29-year-old actress discussed the dangers of transforming into an 18th-century character in an interview with the forthcoming episode of Graham Norton Show.

“In such a long time, women exist like that, which gives you a lot of sympathy for that time and what they have experienced,” Stone said, according to the Daily Mail. “In the first month, I can’t breathe, I will smell mint, which will make me feel that I can breathe for a while in a vast space.”

Stone then added a particularly creepy detail: “A month later, all my organs have moved – this is serious, don’t do it if you don’t need it!”

In July, Fanning described a very similar experience when filming the TV show “The Alienist”, telling W magazine that her corset not only fainted her, but also changed her shape.

“Seven months; your body has changed completely,” Fan Ning explained. “You can put on a [corset] without tying or relaxing. In the end I just pulled it down and pulled it down. It was like a second nature.”

Perhaps a sign that a corset may be best left in the past.

Emma Stone said that wearing a corset changed “all her organs” and episodes

in the episode “She can’t breathe for a month.”
She plays the banshee maid and competes with Queen Anne’s love in the famous movie The Favorite.

In an interview with Graham Norton Show this week, Emma Stone discussed Adigas Masham, who became active in the 18th century drama. Danger.

For the classical period of theatrical performance, the Oscar-winning actress, 29, had to wear a corset to shoot and discuss the risks of restrictive clothing.
She said: “Women have been like this for a long time, which gives you a lot of sympathy for that time and what they are experiencing. In the first month,

“I can’t breathe, I will smell mint, which will make me feel that I can breathe in a vast space. After a month, all my organs have changed – this is very serious, if you don’t need it, then Do not do this!
Despite her excellent work pedigree – she won an Oscar for her role in La La Land in 2017 and was nominated as a birdman in 2015 – the American star said she was nervous about mastering the British accent.

She said: “As the only American, if I screw it up, it will stick out like the most painful thumb. It may destroy the whole movie, so I work hard.”
Speaking of playing the monarch Olivia Coleman and playing the Queen’s adviser Sarah Churchill’s Rachel Weiss, she said: “I have so much, very interesting. Found a very interesting, layered and complex part is Very amazing, especially for a woman, but there are three.

“Reading through the script, these women are very healthy and very good, which is really exciting.”

According to Fox Searchlight Pictures, the film was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, a tragic and shrewd story about royal plots, passions, jealousy and betrayal in Queen Anne’s court in the early 18th century.
Eight weeks of shooting took place in different locations in southern England last year, including Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, a country manor that starred in Marilyn and Sherlock Holmes’s “My Week.”

Favorite – also the star of Nicholas Hoult and Joe Alwyn – will be released on November 23rd at the American Cinema and the British Film Festival on January 1, 2019.

The Graham Norton Show will air on BBC One at 10:35 pm on Friday.

Winnie Harlow brings the iconic Queen RuPaul with red lace-up bodice and lively thigh boots for Heidi Klum’s Halloween party

She spent an incredible few years in the modeling industry.

At the 19th Annual Halloween Party in Heidi Klum, New York on Wednesday night, Winnie Harlow wore her RuPaul costume, which looked absolutely sensational.

The 24-year-old Canadian looks the same as the Drag Queen TV. She wears a tight-fitting bodice to show off her sensational figure and fits with the high boots.
Winnie played her role in the sexy ensemble, and she showed her incredible fallout due to her deep plunge.

The corset leans high on her hips, giving way to her stovepipe, which she wears with sexy thigh high PVC red boots.
The former US Next Top Model tamed her crow’s bun with a white gold-colored wig that was over-ridiculed and chic.

When she came to the style in a gorgeous black coat, Winnie secured her attention.
Winnie is now dating rapper Wiz Khalifa, who divorced model Amber Rose.

The cover girl and Khalifa confirmed their romance in August, and Amber gave her a blessing.

“I have seen Winnie on several different occasions. She told the American Weekly that I think she is a king’s sweetheart.
“The way I love my ex-husband… You know, he is my best friend. The strange thing is that he became my brother. It’s like ‘God, I love you very much. I hope you. So happy.

At the same time, Winnie’s bustling schedule, one of the world’s top models, has not stopped. The Toronto-born beauty recently took Instagram to show off her hard training in preparing for the Victoria Secret.

She added a title to this episode: ‘#TRAINLIKEANANGEL means more to me than in the gym.
“When I was in VS for the first year, I wanted to make sure my body was the best. I wanted to make my thoughts correct.

“My goal this year is to keep moisture and read some new books.”

After starting her career in 2014 as the next top model in the United States, TV celebrities will now participate in the mouth-watering Victorian Secret Fashion Show in November.

Emma Stone said she was wearing her corset and moving her organ in “favorite”

“This is accurate in history, but I can’t breathe,” Stone said in an interview.
Emma Stone witnessed the pain of the beauty of The Favorite.

For her first “corset role” – part of her first time wearing a corset – Stone said she wore underwear for the 18th century historical drama that took place in the UK.

She praised fashion designer Sandy Powell, who added, “This is historically accurate, but I can’t breathe,” said an interview on the Graham Norton show on Friday. Stone said she would smell menthol “which made me feel like I was in a vast space,” and then “returned to breathe” during the first month of shooting.

“After about a month, my organs were displaced because they had to do this,” Stone said. “This is only temporary, but it is very serious.”

She continued, “The lower part of my stomach, no matter what, I am not a doctor, no matter where it is, it is like this, I guess my ribs are still paralyzed.” Stone added that her organs returned to normal.

The actress who played Abigail didn’t have a sloping plate. She couldn’t sit while wearing a corset, so she had to lean against the sofa at a strange angle.

“To be honest, women have existed for such a long time. This really gives you a lot of sympathy for that period, what have you experienced?” She said with a smile. “So if you don’t, don’t do it, but I Very grateful.”

Melissa McCarthy, who appeared on the stage with the stone, exclaimed when he heard how the organ of the stone moved, “What!”. Show guests Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law.

Redmayne said he could contact because he did a lot of work in a corset. “Many,” he said, including Viola, who made Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” and Mark Rylance as Olivia. “[Designer] made these corsets, and if they were the 16th century whale bones, he tightened me. He wore a corset all his life, basically his body has entered this extraordinary The thing,” Redmayne said. “So I expressed some sympathy for these actresses.”

By Olivia Coleman as Queen Anne, Rachel Weitz as Lady Sarah, The Favorite will open on November 23.

Emma Stone said wearing a corset while letting “favorite” make her organs change

Emma Stone’s new film “Collection” has made its debut at some film festivals and was released in limited editions in November. On Friday, Graham Norton Show stopped promoting the film. With the help of Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy, Stone explained the dangers that Norton called the “tight bod role.” This is both a fun and uncomfortable conversation. Not as uncomfortable as wearing a corset, but still very uncomfortable.
“This is accurate in history, but I can’t breathe. I will smell mint, which makes me feel like I am, like a vast space. So, I just smell a little mint and stay in a wide space. 30 seconds, then back to the state of being unable to breathe. But after about a month, my organ moved because of necessity. This is only temporary, but it is very bad.”
Historical accuracy sounds like real pain in the neck. Of course, if you wear a corset, the next pain may be that the kidneys are looking for a new place to live. Stone also said that she couldn’t sit while wearing a historically accurate bodice, so she was forced to lean on the couch awkwardly on the couch while she smelled mint and pretended she was somewhere else.

Although we may never know exactly where the organ went, we should at least be able to figure out where her sloping plate is. They sound like a lot of good things that many people should have at work, even if they don’t wear a corset.

Emma Stone changed her body in the ‘Gross’ way of wearing a corset

If you’re staring at a costume for Halloween this year, keep an eye out for advice from Emma Stone’s latest film: Skip the historically accurate bodice, no matter how accurate it is.
Stone appeared on the Graham Norton Show to promote her new movie “Like”, who played the Queen’s Court in England in the 18th century. Entering the role obviously requires Stone to wear a corset during the shoot, which has some unintended consequences. According to the actor, the corset moves her internal organs inside her body – which is very unpleasant.
“After about a month, my organs moved because of the necessity,” Stone said in an interview. She said that her clothes pushed her organs away from the ribs and changed her body shape. “This is only temporary, but it is very serious.” You can hear her describe the transition in a fragment in the interview below.

Modeling her body into 18th century standards is a tragic experience for Stone. “This is accurate in history, but I can’t fucking!” She said her costume. She began to adopt a strategy that made the corset feel a bit wearable: she sniffed the mint while she sat down while thinking about the “open space.”
Stone joked that the effect of wearing a corset day after day made her the first “corset role” – shooting. “It gives a new meaning to ‘my heart is in my throat,'” she laughs. This also makes her grateful for the changes in women’s fashion since the 18th century – specifically, the unrealistic standard of shaping the female body.
She said: “Women have existed for such a long time, and they have indeed given you a lot of sympathy. During that time, what did you experience?”
Fortunately, Stone said, her organs have “returned” to their usual position because they packed the movie and took off her corset. Even if a coping strategy is adopted, Stone does not recommend wearing a corset.
“If you don’t have to, don’t do it,” she said. Point out.

Emma Stone said she wore a corset ‘favorite’ her “organ shift”

I have to say that I liked the drama of an era without any disguise. I mean who is not? For all great actors, it seems to be a passing ceremony. However, for an actress, starring in a time drama may not be that interesting. The favorite star, Emma Stone said that wearing a corset is terrible. Yes, it’s easy to drool over the times, but the following things are not great, I can assure you.

She is currently promoting darkness, comedy, and drama (OMG I like all of these things) The Favorite, which is scheduled for the 18th century, is a corset every day. All the relevant and less pleasing effects of wearing a bodice. Oh, that’s not the one. Frankly speaking about Graham Norton Show (Friday, October 26), she knows very well that it is not fun to get into trouble in one of them.

she says:

“I can’t breathe, I will smell mint, which will make me feel that I can breathe in a vast space. After a month, all my organs have moved – this is very serious, if you don’t like it No, don’t do it!”
The favorite thing is that you never know the dark selfie you need, the loud drama of the times. Together with Olivia Coleman as the star of Queen Anne, Stone played Abigail, a young woman fighting for the emotions of this very intense Queen Anne. Coleman’s portrayal is so good that the film has been quite successful, and there are, there are, trembling, Oscar’s buzz.

Set during the war of Queen Anne’s rule, a fictitious account will let you roll through the aisle. It’s easy for you because you don’t have to wear a corset every day.

Fox Searchlight UK on YouTube
How about those corsets? What makes them so uncomfortable? According to The Corset Center, the tights have a very special design.

“In the 18th century, the corset was designed to lift and shape the breasts, tighten the abdomen, support the back, improve the posture of the woman, and help her stand up straight.”
Corsets are often stiffened by whale bones and wiring.

The more well-known and tortuous tights style is tight, lacing, and later became popular. Imagine the sausage being pressed too small. Ouch. Yes, this method makes the wearer basically unable to breathe, and the effect was revealed by X-rays in 1908, as reported by CNet.

The overall experience of wearing a means of stone has gained new and deep sympathy for women in the past, who have to wear corsets as part of their daily lives. “Women are like that for a long time, which gives you a lot of sympathy for that time and what they have experienced,” she told Norton.

Regrettably, for fans of these three talented actors, you must wait until January 1 to see this in the cinema. Ok, to be honest, it’s more like January 2. #newyearshangover