The Internet can’t overcome the clothes that Kim Kardashian wears in her “Sound of Music” photo.

Although her fashion choices usually do not date back to the 1980s, the style of these milkmaid looks back to the 19th and early 20th centuries – fluffy sleeves, long skirts and more. Fortunately, this lascivious lady, the style of those times also involves corsets and cleavage.

In the first photo taken, she wore a Vivienne Westwood dress. The top of the dress is red, with very fluffy long sleeves, almost as wide as a dramatic skirt. The neckline of the corset top is plummeting and the skirt is pink. Her hair is a large braided bun, located at the back of the neck.

On the second look, you can only see her from the chest, she is wearing a LoveShackFancy farmer’s shirt and wearing a black dress next to Row. She is posing in the valley. The whole thing is the sound of music meeting with Mary Antoinette or the lodge on the prairie LesMisérables.

The mother of the three children is known for her shocking style, but she is usually shocked by the fact that she is not wearing it. This time, people can’t overcome what she wears and how much she wears.

“Oh, I don’t know you,” said a pink tweet.

“I like to see gold dressing. She has a swinging body, but we have seen every inch of it. It’s different, beautiful and perfect, I am here,” Twitter users are lingering. “I like how different this is! You look beautiful!” Another response.

Most people can’t overcome how much this 37-year-old body is covered because she often wears underwear, bikinis or mini dresses, especially recently. “This is the most clothes I have ever seen,” said a pink tweet. “You look great when you put on your clothes!” added another. “I know that gold is a symbol of sex, but she looks so amazing in this photo. Sometimes it is less. You don’t need to show a lot of beautiful looking skins,” an Instagram user pointed out.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes this bold look. “At least @makeupbymario saved this day. But this dress is terrible. What are they thinking!” Someone wrote a post that responded to her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s promotion. “Kim is getting ready to stir some bomb butt butter,” another Instagram user joked. “I am sorry… I just laughed,” wrote one Twitter user.

Many opponents are troubled by swelled sleeves because they think their arms look bigger. “That dress makes her upper body look masculine. It is definitely not a fan of this,” someone said. “Looks like a linebacker.”

Then there is comparison. Some are in stock and some are just funny. They range from The Handmaid’s Tale to Harriet Tubman. “Serving the small houses on the prairie!” someone said in a tweet. “Handmades Tail [sic] is a bit inspiration, I like it!” another suggestion. “LMAAAOOO, she looks like she wants to wrap all the sheep around,” an Instagram user joked. Others mentioned the Disney Princess and Gone with the Wind. “Modern Snow White. It’s strong and romantic. Sexy and soft. It evokes power in silence. One thing is just as a model, something completely different can be expressed through images,” someone said. “She looks like Scarlett Hala…but like the Carol Burnett version of her curtains.” One simply wrote: “Harriet Tubman ?”

Where is death and nightingale shooting? Photograph of the location of Jamie Dornan’s new BBC TV show

“Death and Nightingale” was filmed in Northern Ireland by an all-star actor led by 50-degree grey star Jamie Dornan.

The camera was shot in the summer of 2018 and was filmed at Co Fermanagh (according to the Daily Telegraph).

The BBC’s promotional photo was released in August and featured Jamie – along with co-starred Ann Skelley – riding a carriage with a lush rural backdrop behind it.

What is death and nightingale?
According to Eugene McCabe’s 1992 novel “Death and Nightingale,” Beth Winters decided to leave her life on her 25th birthday.

Set for more than 24 hours, the story will be divided into three sections and broadcast on the BBC.

The story takes place in 1885 and will feature clothing and transportation that suits the period.

Who else will star in death and nightingale, when will it appear on TV?
Jamie and the All-Star actor participated in the show, including American actor Matthew Reese and actor Warren Kane, who co-starred in the fall.

Ann Skelly will be the breakthrough star of the show, as the 21-year-old actress plays the key role of Beth Winters, and Jamie plays the fascinating role of Liamward.

The show is expected to air on the BBC later this year.

Dakota Fanning has some very strong words on how to fix bachelors.

It may be a little shocking that Dakota Fanning is still only 24 years old, because she was in the popular imagination of Sam Sam’s breakthrough big-screen performance in 2001. She played the role of a female policeman in the TNT mini-play “Alienist” aired this spring. A serial killer killed male prostitutes in New York City in the 19th century and saw Fanning become a mid-career who recently saw television potential. One of the movie stars feels more appropriate than the 20-something star that Netflix recently liked. It turns out that she did take this form – especially when she was in the drama of Budapest. “I really like this experience,” she said. “I want to do something else on TV.” Here, Fanning shares her memories of shooting “aliens” and how to fix her favorite reality show.

Do you watch TV grow up?

When I grew up, I didn’t watch a lot of TV. Not my mother won’t let me, but I am very busy. But as I grow older, I cherish the time to watch TV. This is when I am partitioning. I am very open and excited about the possibility of doing something on TV because I was inspired by the other actors and stories I watched. I am not actively looking for it, but I hope that something will happen.

And aliens, is this the first big TV show you offer?
A long time ago I was called Taken in the mini-play, and Steven Spielberg made it for the Syfy channel, this is what I did on TV last time. Then The Alienist appeared, and its timing could not be better. This is one of the greatest experiences I have ever experienced.
Wow. Where did you shoot?

In Budapest, Hungary. I stayed there for almost seven months. It became my home. When I had to leave, I sobbed hysterically.


They set up the Ferris wheel in this square in Budapest, and we were there from March to September. When the winter begins, the Ferris wheel will rise and then rise throughout the summer. I will occasionally ride the Ferris wheel. A friend will come to the city to ride the Ferris wheel because you can see the whole city. On the last night of my stay, I rode the Ferris wheel, just crying hysterically, the Ferris wheel will reach the top, I will see the whole city, I will start crying because I don’t want to leave. I really depend on the little life there.

Have you got your corset?

I am not as nervous as a corset, no, but I have done some sort of way. I mean, one of the most important things about aliens is clothing – especially my clothing. Michael Kaplan is a fashion designer and he is a genius.
Flashdance, Blade Runner…
Blade Runner, the new Star Wars, is incredible. So wearing these clothes is a real privilege because they are more than just clothing. I don’t know, he put too much energy into every detail. I will have accessories for a few hours, I hate trying clothes, I will stand there. I passed out during the first renovation.
true? Because of the corset?

Ok, I just landed. That was before we started shooting. I just got the plane, you know that you are a little swollen and tired, and the time difference is very big, and I went directly to the studio and Michael. They put the corset on it, yes, I am like, “I am leaving. I am leaving!” I have to sit down and they will try to say, “Okay, how are you now?” “I will say, “No, no, still have to sit.” But you will get used to it. It’s weird that your body is fully adjusted.

Has your entire rib changed?

My body has changed completely. I mean, I used to wear a corset, but it has never been this long. Seven months; your body has completely changed. You can turn it on without tying or relaxing. In the end I just pulled it down and pulled it down. This is like the second nature.

I think Keira Knightley told me more than any other person wearing a tight corset, there is a whole set of food. You have to time, because otherwise it will start to appear.

of course. Whether it’s good or bad, a corset will let you enter the character, because it does affect everything you do: breathing, walking, running, sitting, standing, absolutely eating. Yes, you have to count it a bit because it doesn’t feel good after lunch.

I think you said something very interesting on the NPR about women at the time because they can’t dress themselves – if she needs someone there, how she changes her lifestyle.

complete. I think about it every day, in fact the woman of that period – that is, the program of 1896 – must help to do something

Madonna’s Corset: The 20th Century Fashion Idol

Of course, you remember the “conical bra” (the corset) that Madonna famous when he participated in many of his concerts in the 1990s. Its creator is the French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, who is responsible for the tour of “Blonde Ambition”, one of the milestones is a corset with a pointed cone and gold.

Leave VÚ. The word corset comes from the word “cors”, which is the epitome of the body. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was used to lift the chest, tighten the waist and practice some exercise. Catalinade Médici is a propeller. The nobility prohibited women from wearing a wide waist at the Royal Court of France in 1550.

In order to disguise this number and show a different body, they have to resort to a new garment that is mandatory for women. The first corset was stiff and uncomfortable, with irons or woods and whales, all placed in front of the clothes. They are used so that the back is upright, the chest will rise, and the waist will be reduced because they are thought to improve body posture.

During the Renaissance, women abused corsets. They used a very small and tight waist to adjust unhealthy measures.

At the end of the seventeenth century, they became more sophisticated and were the fashion clothing used by women in the most important social activities. The hoop of the clothes pushes the chest to highlight the chest, making the woman more curvaceous, just like the beautiful ideal at the time.

Political return. “Two factors converge in the twentieth century: women become more active and feminists demand that you stop using bras to pose, equality between men and women in all areas, so fashion should not be an exception,” Laura said Malpeli de Jordaan, image Consultant and founder of the website

Bust, Boucher and Black Monday: Vivienne Westwood’s reverse bodice

“A few years ago, I wanted to make a collection. I would try to combine a series of fabrics. The range of these fabrics is very rich, comparable to all the different qualities and rich textures seen in oil paintings. From linen to lace; twill .

“When I arranged these fabrics, I still lacked something: somehow, the paintings themselves. I drew a painter’s canvas; then I knew I had to have a picture of the painting. I chose the most decorative painter. – Boucher – And Wallace’s most typical Boucher painting is for me the shepherd she looks at sleeping. I just like the ribbon on the neck of the sheep… I hope she looks It seems that I just got out of a painting.

“I call this series the ‘Portrait’ series.” – Vivienne Westwood, 1996

Sometimes fashion is attractive because it’s a mirror of time; sometimes it’s because it’s a wide window, a painted ceiling, and a great escape. After the Black Monday and the 1987 financial crisis, Vivienne Westwood released a series inspired by Baroque art, with a theme of ancient Greek and Roman themes, full of sensuality. When other designers leave, in the birth of a method called minimalism, or cause both trouble and deliberate wear and tear, this is called the first deconstruction, and later, garbage, flushing the collected colors and irrelevant details, Wei Sterwood pushed the opposite direction. She continues to condemn orthodoxy as the “grave of wisdom” (citing Bertrand Russell) and equally against convention.

In March 1990, under the gilded ceilings of the Board of Directors and the chandeliers of the Regency, and under the gloom of the ongoing global recession, Westwood launched a series called Portrait. Inspired by the grandeur of the 18th century oil paintings, it is displayed in a room surrounded by the best examples of Crown Estate. In the face of a collapsed market and squeaky credit, its luxury is almost ridiculous and almost obscene. It caused a sensation.

The centerpiece of this bodice, photographed by Rococo painter François Boucher (1703-1770), has become a model of high Westwood style. It appears in subsequent collections, or sometimes in works by different artists (a baby from Franz Hals; a group of Fragonard cherubs; a Nicholas Hilliard from Elizabeth I), a gold-plated frame across the shoulder like a literal tear The cracked masterpiece breaks down through the body. The first example comes from the Wallace Collection, a national treasure and a source of inspiration for Westwood throughout his career. A series of paintings and decorative arts in San Francisco, France, were assembled in the 19th century, many of which were purchased at the biens nationaux – revolutionizing the sale of confiscated aristocratic goods – the Wallace collection in Manchester Square, in the former townhouse . Seymour family, Maxius of Hertford. (The collection was accumulating by the first four Marquesses and the fourth Marquis son, Sir Richard Wallace.) In addition to the brackets of the Sèvres porcelain and the brass and enamel furniture designed by Louis XIV furniture manufacturer André-Charles Boulle, Rice also includes no less than 19 pieces of Boucher’s work. This is Daphnis and Chloe–also known as the shepherd shepherd watching sleeping, or not so obvious as Wallace’s stock number P385 – painted at 1743-5. For Westwood, this is a stereotype of Boucher, a study of shiny, satin fleshy and swagged fabrics as well as man-made country porn. Boucher was a favorite painter of Mrs. Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV.

Westwood also decorated the corset in this collection, along with Boulle’s inlay ormolu and the prance of the mythical beast, pulled out from the opposite side of the toilet mirror made for Dupese de Berry in 1713, he was Philippe duc d ‘Orléans’ daughter and executed colored velvet with gold foil prints. But whether the variant of the Boucher pattern captures the imagination of the public, perhaps because of its openness and impeccable flesh.

Wearing underwear as the definitive guide to outerwear

If you spend your hard earned money on gorgeous underwear, you might show off it. Some underwear is so beautiful that it can’t be hidden under the clothes. Underwear has been around for decades, and it was definitely not invented by Kardashian. Think of Madonna on the cover of Like A Virgin on her online bodice, or wearing the famous Gaultier cone bra on her tour of the Blonde Ambition. Wearing underwear as a coat, you will be fine. Rihanna, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham all choose to show off their underwear instead of leaving underwear for the bedroom. If you want to flash your underwear, you don’t have to do it in a particularly dangerous way (unless you want to). There are many style tricks, which means you can trend from rockeries to lingerie from day to night.

The transparent fabric is perfect for showing the underwear you wear underneath. Depending on how you wear them, they look both floating and whimsical or smooth. You can even wear a well-cut suit with a transparent turtleneck top that lets the world see the sweet bra in your office. If you feel bold, try on high-waist underwear.

Let the lace see instead of hiding it. A lace bodysuit or bra is the perfect way to update your outfit. Put on a jacket (leather and denim can work, just like a silky bomber), you have a sexy, playful look. A hint of lace from the top of the loose neckline is another winner. Try to compare the knit pullover with the deep V-neck with a delicate lace triangle bra.

You don’t need to work hard to wear sportswear. It is very comfortable and versatile and definitely worth adding to everyday clothing. Combine a sports bra with high-waisted mom jeans or denim overalls for a sporty white look.

Dakota Fanning’s Corset actually changed her body

Dakota Fanning, TNT mini-star Alienist, recently unveiled one of the most challenging aspects of her Victorian character: a corset.

When she was wearing her dress for the first time, the 24-year-old said she was actually fainting.

“I just landed,” Fan Ning began. “It was before we started shooting. I just got the plane, you know that you are a little swollen and tired, and the time difference is great. They put the corset on it. Yes, I think, ‘I am leaving. I am leaving!’ I have to sit down. Then they will try to say, “Well, how are you now?” I will say, ‘No, no. Still have to sit. ”

Despite the introduction of instability, Fanning’s body quickly adapted to restrictive clothing. “My body has changed completely,” she said. “I mean, I used to go through a corset, but I have never been through it for a long time. Seven months; your body has completely changed. You can open it without tying or relaxing. In the end, I just pulled it down and pulled it down. It was like a second nature.”

“Whether it’s good or bad, a corset will let you into the role, because it does affect everything you do: breathing, walking, running, sitting, standing, absolutely eating,” she continued. “Yes, you have to count it a bit because it doesn’t feel good after lunch.”

The actress’s body is more likely to accept the waist tightening device for a reason: it will change the shape of your body. Research (terrible, terrible research) shows that the corset wear actually deforms the bones of Victorian women. Proven effects include misalignment of their thorns, warpage of the ribs, and actual changes in organ position (!).

Use this bodice top to wear a steampunk spin for the Halloween goddess

Use this bodice top to wear a steampunk spin for the Halloween goddess

Some things tell me that Wonder Woman will become a popular costume before Halloween. This Wonder Woman steampunk bodice top is a way for adults to make unique rotations on their clothing without damaging the bank.

This shirt bodice is made from fabric and can be used as a full top. Its Wonder Woman logo has blue rhinestones and an elastic single panel supported by seven plastic bones. So, it’s not a serious corset, but it’s good for clothing and even fun everyday tops. It also has no high-end corsets for only $39.99. Interested parties can order steampunk Wonder Woman corsets here. Complete specifications and additional image libraries are provided below.

So what about the bottom? Maybe like this Wonder Woman Gladiator style dress? You can even find a long skirt on Etsy. I would say that if you have a budget to work on Wonder Woman cosplay three-piece wedge boots, go ahead.

Corset construction workshop plan

A corset construction workshop will be held at No. 109 Verret St. in Houma on Saturday noon.

Team member Moira McCrae will host the seminar and she will teach those interested in how to create an innocent Victorian corset.

“This type of corset is a corset worn under the clothes. It is not visible,” McRae said.

These corsets were usually used by European women in the 16th century. Later they used an idiot, a flat whale or wood sewn on the outer shell of a corset to help it maintain a stiff shape.

The idea of hosting the seminar came from McCrae, because as a curvy girl, she was frustrated with the lack of choice, so she taught herself how to make them.

“I want to teach other women interested in learning,” she said. “I realize that some coaches will work better and I am happy to help them learn.”

She will also teach people how to measure themselves and how to cut the model.

McRae said: “Some women have larger hips and other women have larger hips, so models always have different methods.”

McCrae will provide a PDF of her bodice from a company called Truly Victorian.
“They will keep this model,” she said. “If they want, they can even make some changes in the future.”

The entrance fee for the seminar is now closed. However, McCrae said she is willing to hold another one based on the needs of the second seminar.

Hanging a rock star Natalie Dormer’s picnic: “I don’t want to wear a corset again”

In February last year, Natalie Dormer found herself in Australia, wearing a corset, a hat, a veil and a costume made of wool. She is filming a new six-part show, on a rocky picnic, she plays a heroine, her past haunts her, and the opening ceremony requires her to take a few 7-minute shots at 35 °C.

Under makeup and clothing, Domar sweated. Basically, this is the Bikram agent.

“I think sometimes people forget that performance is a cardiovascular exercise,” the 36-year-old said, when we met in the air conditioning in the BBC meeting room. “When I take off my corset, you don’t want to be anywhere near me because it will honk.”

Still, her art is worth the pain. In a rock-hanging picnic, Domer provided an excellent subtle expression, like Hester Appleyard, a traumatized woman who tried to reinvent herself at the turn of the 20th century. At the other end of the world. The series was adapted from a novel written by Australian writer Joan Lindsay in 1967, which was adapted from Peter Weir to the big screen in 1975.

It tells the story of a group of young female students missing in the Australian bush after a veritable Valentine’s Day picnic. As the unresolved mystery began to spread, the Hester Girls’ Principal was in a frenzied world of speculation. Directed by Canadian Larysa Kondracki, the show gives the whole thing a rich, magical, almost punk rock quality.

“When people think of a group of three young girls and a teacher missing, people’s imaginations will be crazy,” Domer said. “Is this a murder? Is it abuse? Is it malnourished in the middle of the country? Are they running away? Your imagination will only take you there.”

In the embarrassing paranoia, Hester began to tighten and cold, sports high collar and strict hair style. In the end, “her clothes became slightly breathable and the hair became a bit messy,” Domer said.

“Whether it is Blanche Dubois or Hamlet, an actor who plays the understanding of the heart is very interesting. But it also brings costs. The picnic is very dark; because Hester does not like himself, and she has many unresolved The pain and trauma, so the residue does leave [on you]. As an actor, you have to leave that at the end, which is not always easy. She is more difficult to get rid of than many [roles].”

Given that Thomas’ previous role included playing Anne Bolin in the lustrous drama “Tudor Dynasty”, they were eventually beheaded; Margaery Tyrell in the “Game of Thrones” married her brother’s male for political expediency The lover, then married the anti-social teenager Joffrey Baratheon, and then died in the hell of her mother-in-law, this is no small recognition. “This is harder to get rid of than the power game,” she insisted. After playing Hester, she needed to stop working and find it by listening to happy music, sports, meditation, yoga and running.

Dormer was raised by her mother and her stepfather, a construction contractor, in Berkshire, who has always wanted to be an actor. “It’s always there. I hope I have a good Eureka moment story. There really isn’t one.”

She is an only child. Until she was seven years old, a younger sister and a younger brother appeared continuously, so she was very used to playing with a dressing box alone and inventing stories to entertain herself. After attending a local independent school and gaining a place to study history in Cambridge, she failed to obtain the necessary A-level results, but went to the Weber Douglas School of Dramatic Art in London.

These days, she lives in London with her fiancé, television and film director Anthony Bourne, who spent five weeks in Australia when she was taking a picnic on the rock. She said: “We always refer to each other’s work and observe each other’s work.”

Recently, they collaborated in the “darkness”, a thriller for a London show, directed by Bourne and co-authored by him and Domer, who performed a blind pianist who accidentally heard the murder . “I want to be dark with him because I have been watching him for years, I am stunned by other actors. I thought, ‘He is a very good director!’ I can only assume that he thinks that I am right as an actress. Or he won’t hire me.

She also wants to create her own material because she sees a lack of complex, interesting female parts. When she graduated from the drama school, Domer had no plans (“the only declaration was to pay my bills”), but she continued to receive works during the offering period. After a while, their charm began to become gloomy. (The picnic in the hanging rock is an exception to the rule, because, she said, “the script really caught me.”)

“I have no desire, Elizabeth, once again into the corset,”