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Color Mascara, Make You Look Lively and Cute

Are you a mascara person? You are also the one who cannot leave your place without wearing mascara? Have you ever tried colored mascara on your lashes for an exotic and glamorous look? If no, give it a try, and you would love to wear it. Colored mascara is back in trend, and pulling it off in the right way is a courageous thing. The best color mascara every girl should wear are listed as below

1. Blue Color Mascara:

For an intense and magnified look, blue color mascara is perfect to wear. It is the best color mascara for those girls who have light lashes and does not want a drastic change in their look but a little bit different from a usual look. You can get the best blue color mascara from brand Channel i.e., Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in Blue night and Dior Diorshow colored Mascara in Blue 258 shade.

2. Red Color Mascara:

Love doing experiments with your eye makeup? If you are the one who always wanted to have a dramatic, and bold look you should try Red color mascara on your eyelashes. It gives a bold statement. Add a little bit of mascara on a tip of your eyelashes or you can wear it on a top coat under black coat mascara. All you need to do is apply well to give that charisma of red color eyes for a dramatic look.

3. Purple Color Mascara:

Purple Color mascara gives an entirely different look to eyes and blends well with black eyelashes. It is an ultimate and best alternate of black color mascara. It helps your eyes to give an extra dimension. It is the best color mascara for girls with hazel, grey, and green eyes. It helps to pop up your eyes in the best possible way.

4. Burgundy Color Mascara:

It is best for lightweight eyelashes. It gives a bold and eye-catching look once applied. Brighten up your eyes with this smooth, easy to use burgundy color mascara to enlighten the spark of your eyes. This burgundy color mascara complements with hazel colored eyes.

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