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Corset Beginner’s Guide

Are there any other underwear that can capture the imagination like a corset? For centuries, as a shape, bust lift, dress underwear, bras were replaced by a century ago bra, but their sinuous lines still caught our attention. This is the source of time-tested clothing projects and how to find and show off their clothing projects.

Where does the corset come from?
The corset originated from a reinforced garment corset in the late Medieval Europe. With the invention of tailoring that made women’s clothing more physical, people began to look for ways to show off their bodies. The dress is divided into two different parts, the body and skirt, and the body is reinforced with cream, wood, reed or horn. Gradually, these reinforced areas migrated beneath the garments, leading to the development of the first European corsets of the 16th century. These are called struts and they have a generally triangular shape.

After the French Revolution, aristocratic style clothing became increasingly unpopular. The short-lived popularity of the Empire’s waist, in which a dress tightens the contours above the natural waist, promoting short-distance accommodation, a bodice that only supports the chest.
However, between the 1830s and the 1860s, these short lengths extended to the hourglass corsets we know today, including the tightened waist and some “bones” that shape the torso. Although the rise of leisure sports and the end of the First World War led to a reduction in the daily corset, the corset never completely disappeared. The corsets are still very popular in the film and texture image. The special logo they developed is not only ordinary underwear, but also a clothing with super strong and attractive power. Perhaps this is why the corset is experiencing a micro-rejuvenation.

In an age of casual sports and leisure, the tight structure and formal things like a corset seem to just break the norm. Their suggestive framework retains the traditional feminine contours – even if the clothes are not worn – the corset itself has a strong sensibility. Unlike most modern lingerie, your body looks like a corset, not the other way around. A bodice can provide a little (or a lot) of drama for any ensemble.

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