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How Can I Prevent My Shapewear From Rolling Down?

Shapewear is a game-changer that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. This indispensable undergarment can boost confidence and make one feel attractive by emphasizing the best features and concealing the problem areas.

That being said, there is one common with shapewear faced by many women and it is shapewear that keeps rolling down. How do we keep the body shaper from rolling down when we wear them? The unsightly shapewear roll-down can be uncomfortable when you are wearing a stylish outfit and this would also keep you fidgeting all day. On top of that, the roll-down may also cause lumps to appear. So what causes the lower tummy shapewear to roll down?

What Causes Shapewear To Roll Down

Let’s explore the causes and how to stop the shapewear from rolling down.

Shapewear that is too small – One common mistake that many women make when buying shapewear is to buy a size smaller. A smaller size will not offer better enhancement but instead, create unsightly bulges and also roll down.

Shapewear that is too big – Choosing shapewear that is bigger than your actual size will not cause discomfort but the shapewear will not be able to help you achieve your slimming goal. A body shaper that is too big will not grip the body and roll down. It needs to fit snugly around curves to stay up.

Proper care of shapewear – Shapewear is made from a blend of spandex and lycra fabric which is the thing that makes it strong and stretchable. Washing it too much in the washing machine and tumble dry in the dryer will

Wearing shapewear for long periods – It is not a good idea to wear shapewear for too long. Do limit the time you wear it for maximum comfort and effectiveness. The constant compression can cause the stretchability in the shapewear to loosen and decrease its ability to stay in place. Take breaks in between from wearing the body shaper or have several pieces so that you can rotate them.

How To Keep Shapewear From Rolling Down

Poorly designed shapewear or wearing the wrong shapewear size are some of the causes of shapewear rolldown. To ensure that the shapewear stays in place all day, here are some tips on choosing the best type of tummy control and booty lifting shapewear.

Fabric That Will Stay Put 

Choose shapewear that is made from spandex as it has a bit of extra grip and compression. This fabric can help to keep your shapewear from rolling down or slipping all day.

Choose The Correct Sizing

Make sure that your shapewear is the correct size so that it stays in place. Do not be tempted to go for a bigger size or smaller size as this will reduce its effectiveness and cause it to roll down.

Choose High-Waisted Shapewear Styles

Shapewear that is high-waisted offers more coverage from below the bust to the waist and can help to keep everything in place. High-waisted shapewear such as shaper shorts with wide waistbands will keep the garment from rolling down.

Choose Shapewear With Straps

A body shaper with adjustable straps can also help to hold the shapewear in place and stop it from rolling down. The adjustable straps also help provide a more customized fit when wearing the shapewear. Some undergarments come with clips that anchor the shapewear to the bra and keep them firmly in place.

It can be a little challenging to keep the shapewear from rolling down. However, with the right tricks and tips, you do not have to worry about your shapewear creeping down again.

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