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How to Choose Shapewear for Bigger Tummy

It’s no secret that being considered plus-size can be really a problem for the women that are plus-size. It’s always hard to find something that fits properly, usually, the clothing is usually hideous, believe me, I know it first-hand. Besides all that, what now has started to be called real bodies, were never portrayed in magazines or in advertising…

Girls with bigger bodies could never identify with those perfect bodies shown and I’m also sure they might have created a lot of eating disorders along the way. I’m really glad this is starting to change, that we are starting to see clothing brands advertising normal and real bodies and not the idea of perfection we have always seen.  There are even fashion shows with plus-size models… and I’m pretty sure this would have been unthinkable a few years back.

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Being plus size shouldn’t be an impediment for women to look good, because beauty has no sizes. But, as well as it can also be a struggle for plus-size women to find plus-size clothing that made them happy, it can also be a struggle to do so for them when it comes to shapewear.

If you’re looking for the best shape wear for women, then here are some of my favorite recommendations so you can find the right one, even if it’s a plus-size one.

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Plus size shapewear tips

The first tip or first thing you have to have in mind is to know the level of control you want. It’s important to know that lighter support will just smooth, one with extra firm support will correct. Knowing the support level, you want and need will avoid you from being unable to breathe and pass out.

There are four types of compression, the first one is light, which smooths panty or bra lines, it is not too tight and also provides light support. Then, there’s medium support, this one will give you more cinching and compression on the targeted areas. Then there’s firm support, which has more reinforced panels that will cinch your problematic areas while smoothing out your curves. This one can be worn for around 8 hours a day. And finally, there’s extra-strong support, which really has the highest level of contouring. It does have more reinforcing materials and boning and this one might not be suitable to be worn for more than a few hours.

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Another important thing to have in mind is knowing the area you really want to work with. For example, there is a waist trainer belt that will help you target your waist. Anyways, we tend to think that shapewear will help you with all the areas you want to target, but this isn’t necessarily like that. For example, thigh shapers might not help you with the belly area and a shaper slip might not really cover everything you wanted.

Another important thing to have in mind when you are looking for shapewear is that you know your size and also your measurements. All brands are going to have their own measurement charts. And you have to check them out and check them very carefully. When you know your measurements, the process will be easy and you will be able to choose the right one for your size and also for your shape. And please, have in mind that getting a smaller size won’t work.

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