How to select the correct color & material for your bra
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How to select the correct color & material for your bra

The task of choosing your bra and underwear is not always easy, as much as it is a very pleasant task to do, choosing the ideal colors and material requires a little research and inspiration.

Normally, we choose underwear simply for the aesthetic part, but knowing what material it is made with is very important, and will make all the difference in your comfort and self-care during the day.

There are many shades of bras and underwear, and to choose the right color, you must first be aware of your style and the image you want to convey. If you are more of a fun and trendy person, you probably like colorful underwear. Be bold and bet on the colors.

But there are also women who are more basic, or even more classic, and like underwear in more neutral tones, such as black, white, off-white, and nudes. If you are going to buy a nude bra or underwear, know that the ideal tone is one that is close to your skin tone.

Also keep in mind if you are going to wear it underneath clothes that have a little transparency, or a very thin fabric. In such cases, underwear the color of your skin is ideal.

Another very important point when buying your underwear is to pay attention to the material of the product, as there are materials that are not ideal for contact with the skin. The bra and underwear need to be breathable so that your perspiration doesn’t end up muffling your private part and thus causing infections, irritations, and allergies.

Everyday Wireless Contour Bra

This is a great wireless bra option for everyday wear. It is a most comfortable wireless bra, which is 3D printed, has no seams, and fits perfectly to the shape of a woman’s breasts, bringing great comfort, in addition to a beautiful neckline. It also gives great support to the breasts.

This velvet piping has a lot of stretch, with a very soft and smooth touch, which is invisible under your clothes. So it can be used on any occasion, even to sleep. You will no longer want to take it off your body.

Cozy Anti-slip Strapless Push Up Bra

This is another great option, which gives support and security to the breasts. In addition, its straps can be removed, so you can wear it with thin strap blouses. Its fabric is extremely comfortable, elastic, and breathable, generating comfort throughout your day.

AirWear Free Cut Thong

At Cosmolle you will find comfortable underwear for women, which are like a second skin and take care of you throughout the day. This model above is very common and traditional, but one of the best for you to wear and feel good. It has various shades and sizes, for all biotypes. Because it has a very elastic fabric, the piece fits perfectly to your body.

AirWear Underwear Bundle

There is also a panty kit that is a great choice for those who need more. There are three beautiful shades that you can take home to wear a different color each day. See how many incredible pieces there are at Cosmolle and do your shopping.

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