Latest Nail Slugging Is You Can Try for New Season
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Latest Nail Slugging Is You Can Try for New Season

In this era, Trends are everywhere, especially TikTok trends are followed by almost all generations and the beauty trends of TikTok will contain products and technology that acquire much money to follow.

As the trend “Slugging” by K-Beauty is roaming around, a new term is introduced that is trending and terms “nail slugging”.

Regardless of the season, unhealthy nails are always a no! The breaking out of the cuticle and unhealthy aching look miserable. Even if you do a manicure, it still looks out of shape and dull.

For that reason, we will discuss nail slugging. What it is and how important it is to make your nails healthy and beautiful.

Let’s get started!

What exactly is nail slugging?

People are curious to know exactly what nail slugging is about and how to follow the trend. Recent research suggests that you might be able to hear the term slugging because nail slugging always gets neglected. But nail slugging is as important as taking care of other body parts. It requires time and different products to maintain healthy nails.

Getting the best nail art from the salon or a manicure can severely damage your nail cuticles.

So there is one solution that is nail slugging. You can slug your nails and protect them from any severe damage.

For this purpose, we have to use some nail essentials or, in the easier term, nail products.

Here are the best nail slugging essentials that are trending and are commonly used worldwide. Get yourself started with reading!

Nail Slugging Essentials

  • FRENCH GIRL – Cuticle Oil

Oil by French Girl is one of the most popular essential oils for nail cuticles. It is enriched with so many different types of seeds-based oils. This oil contains rosemary, hemp, rose geranium, pomegranate seeds, and oil.

Apply it to your cuticles twice a day and feels the difference after one week!

  • CND – Scrub For Exfoliating Hands

CND is the most common nail slugging essential yet effective. It is used to exfoliate your nails and is also known as a hand scrub. You can hydrate your hands by scrubbing them throughout as it will remove all the remaining dead skin cells, and your hands will look fresh and beautiful as ever.

CND consists of probiotics and Salt, preferably sea salt, that helps you eradicate dead cells and promote hydration.

  • OPI – Oil for Nails Nourishment

It is the best oil for your nail nourishment as it will strengthen your cuticles and make your nails look healthier. It contains avocado, sesame, and sunflower seed oils.

I recommend this oil for sure!


We have discussed the term nail slugging in this article. Also, the different essentials that are required to maintain healthier nails. I hope you get information about nail slugging!

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