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RITA ORA CHANNELS her internal monster holds VMA after CELEBRATORY CORSET SNAP

Rita Ora is known for its provocative Instagram approach, but after releasing some understated Halloween shots earlier this week, fans were exhausted by her celebratory corset.

To celebrate her video music award home, the 27-year-old pop singer gave her the best Marilyn Monroe pose.
This playful snapper sees Rita’s hair curled, and her makeup is heavy, reminiscent of Hollywood’s old-fashioned charm of the 1960s.

Rita wore a satin rose pink corset and showed her famous assets by her best dance video category award.
Dedicating the award to her friend Avic, who died in April, this young beauty is grateful to all those who helped make it.

Rita exclaimed: ‘Look what is coming today… My VMA is the best dance video of loneliness! Thanks to everyone at MTV and all those involved in making videos and songs, and of course our very talented friend Avicii. this is for you. ‘
This week was not the first time the star was amazed because she was amazed by the onlookers at the UNICEF Halloween Party on Tuesday night.

The star stole the show before wearing a low black leather dress and striking red lipstick before Westfield’s 10th birthday celebration.

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