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Stripe Pieces Definitely Can Be a Must-Have for Your Needs

Stripe Pieces are essential for every girl who has fallen for fashion. My two favorite ones I follow for their dressing are Audrey Hepburn and Parisian women because their dressing sense is fabulous. Strips are a basic need for a girl because it goes on with every dress and makes you updated about fashion. Stripe fashion and style are never going to end or step back.  I prefer to wear this casual look when nobody is around and wear a jacket, jeans, and a striped …

New Boot Trends Definitely Worth Your Attention
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New Boot Trends Definitely Worth Your Attention

2022 brings so much positivity that it gives everyone the confidence to wear new dresses every day, and I am the one who’s doing so! After the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone’s just bought the boots they want to wear, and this year slays! All a girl wants is to wear a great pair of boots. As we all know, boots are important for making you look dapper and attractive. Even with simple outfits, you can steal the show by wearing the right boots. That’s why girls …

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The trendy lipsticks you need to own in 2022

Lipstick is one of the most impactful makeup products when we use makeup. Not only gives a fresh color to the lips, but lipstick is also able to describe the character of the woman who wears it. The Back To ’80 style and the dominance of makeup with a red hue will be a fashion and beauty trend throughout 2022. We can see it from the use of red for both fashion and makeup at popular fashion events. We know very well, that red is …

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5 Trendy Ladies Watches to Keep You Stay Stylish

Apart from being a practical timepiece watches also function as accessories that support your appearance. So, the selection of watches must be adjusted to the needs of users so that they match the event you are attending or the activities you are doing. You can also choose a watch according to your character. Because it functions as a fashion accessory to sweeten your wrist, every detail of the watch must be chosen with care, including the strap. Sometimes, the strap can actually stand out more …

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Several Different Types of Hats, Which One Do You Like?

Accessories are essential for women. When worn by a woman it adds charm to her beauty. One of such important accessory is a hat. Hats are back with a trendsetter in the upcoming season. There are various styles of hats that can help women in many ways. It can help them to protect their head, bad or cold weather, sun, wind, or rain. There are girls/women who like hats but seem to be confused with the style of hats they should own. We can guide …