The Best Hair Colors for the New Season
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The Best Hair Colors for the New Season

Changing your hair is one of the simplest ways to refresh your appearance, whether you want to go platinum blonde to change your personality or just add highlights to your original hair color to add some dimension.

The beginning of a new year brings with it an irrational desire to change things around. While some people are eagerly establishing new routines, for at least a few weeks, it’s also a fantastic month to schedule an appointment at the hair salon. It’s finally time to give in to your desire to alter your appearance, starting with cutting-edge new hair color. We believe that 2023 will be all about understated but statement-making color that doesn’t need continual maintenance. That involves eye-catching color that requires little care.

These hair color trends are here to inspire your Facebook boards and salon visits all year long with their creamy blondes and metallic brunettes, zippy reds, and toasty ash hues. There are several colors you can wear in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Choose one of these updated hair colors to start 2023.


Everyone will remark that this color is “hot.” According to Lee, the ice-blonde color will be in style in 2022. She predicts that “the double process blonde will be big.” The most stunning creamy blondes, like Paris Hilton’s, are produced by using only base and highlights.


Picture of a cupcake with vanilla icing swirls resting delicately on top. Because it’s a wonderful transitional tone from the bleached-out blonde highlights, Buttercream blonde seems to be popular in the summer. It’s a sweet daydream that results in a very tasty blonde. It is the pale yellow shade of gold imaginable, with just the right amount of depth and texture to enhance lighter skin tones in the summer.

Richards advises dropping in every few weeks to have your stylist adjust the tone so that it doesn’t start to look brassy, as this hue tends to do.


An ashy, mushroom light brown lies between caramel blonde and dark chocolate brunette.” This trendy mushroom brown is for people with warm undertones on their skin. If you have naturally cooler skin tones, you’ll feel like you need to wear more makeup to counteract the effect the ashy tone will have against the cheeks. Ashy tones like this tend to be more popular in the winter because the sun isn’t constantly oxidizing coated color.” Ask your hairstylist for a light brown with ashy blonde highlights and finish with a gloss or toner if it sounds like it may work.


The copper color we’ve been seeing everywhere changes to a more pastel copper with this hair color. Warm skin tones and blonde or light brown hair are recommended (it is possible to lighten darker hair to properly give it this punch of peachy pink, but it is not good for your strands over the long term). “Because this color fades quickly, use UV-filtered products and a monthly gloss to keep the color even and vibrant.


The stylist suggests asking for all-over dark color with subtle balayage at the bottom to continue the trend away from full-time commitments to hair. This sensual brown with caramel highlights is a continuation of that. “The chosen “illuminated” tone, which should be only marginally lighter than the base color, should next be applied all over by your colorist. The outcome is a rich, pricey brown.


Changing your hair is one of the simplest ways to refresh your appearance, whether you want to go platinum blonde to change your personality or just add highlights to your original color.

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