The Best Timeless Luxury Items Worth Splurging On
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The Best Timeless Luxury Items Worth Splurging On

Maybe you want to invest in a new style to compose your looks. It’s important to invest in luxury pieces that are timeless and give you many looks. After all, a branded item has higher quality and durability too.

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If you could choose between two handbags, one by an unknown brand and the other by Chanel, which one would you invest in? I bet you answered Chanel. Of course… the brands give you elegance and status. A branded handbag is desired by many but purchased by few.

Thinking in this sense, it is important that you know how to invest in the right luxury item. Many people make mistakes when buying their first luxury item in the world of fashion. Therefore, you can start little by little with assertive pieces.

1-Choose neutral colors

Still on the question we addressed as an example above, if you were to buy your first branded bag, what color would it be? If you answered that you would go to the store and choose the color that most caught your attention, I can tell you that you would be wrong. When you choose a brightly colored fashion item, your options for combinations may be limited.

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A GUCCI ‘GG Marmont’ quilted leather bag is chic, neutral, and can be easily incorporated into your everyday outfits. In this sense, prefer colors like black, off-white, and nude.

2- Accessories can be good options

Before you invest expensively in any other luxury item, you should try an accessory first. A FENDI Belt F Is Fendi is delicate, and subtle, and goes perfectly with any look, ranging from social to minimalist.

Your creativity will coordinate as you can include a luxury accessory. You can invest in many options if you think about it this way. Bags, caps, sneakers, belts, wallets.

Even perfume can be considered a luxury accessory. It is an item that will help complement your personality. Few people realize it, but your smell says a lot about you. Who knows, maybe your first luxury item isn’t a pleasant and striking fragrance?

3- Classic Model is assertive

Each brand has its history. You might fall in love with a more current release and want to take it home. It might work, but first, think of at least five different looks you could put together including this item.

If it gets difficult, prefer to invest in classic models. It’s impossible to go wrong with this tip. It may be that Kate’s handbags delight you in a different way. Or her eyes start to shine with Jimmy Choo’s Ivette sandals.

4- No money to invest

You can use your persuasion power to purchase a luxury item even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in one at the moment. There are sites that are official representatives of the brands and you can even take advantage of an annual sale to invest.

Facilitating forms of payment can help. Today, ease of purchase can come in many forms. But if still, a new item is too salty for your budget, there’s still a way. Your luxury item doesn’t have to be like a brand-new car. You can look for second-hand items, in very good condition, at thrift stores specializing in luxury goods. It doesn’t matter the shape, but how you will feel to own a luxurious and elegant item.   

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