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This winter has arrived with great force, and although we all love white snow, we know that it is somewhat uncomfortable for day-to-day, to go to work, to do the shopping, for anything where you have to leave your house. We love to wear our coats and sweaters with our favorite boots but we can no longer wait for spring to arrive and with that a more comfortable climate to go out because if we have learned something this last year it is that we took for granted when we can go outside.

In those first weeks of spring where you still feel a little bit of that cold winter climate, that is where we really want to use our most comfortable sweater and a light coat, it is literally the perfect weather to wear those clothes and among them, the sweater coat, that garment is one of the most comfortable that if we can we would even wear inside the house to feel more comfortable and warmer.

Generally, it is made of a soft but thick fabric that makes you feel as if you were wrapped, it is a soft blanket and it is the most pleasant sensation in the world, it is the typical look that was fashionable in 2008 and became part of our lives in our lives because obviously, we weren’t going to let go of this look that it’s so comfortable.

You can find many options online, the best pieces are the oversized ones so that you have space and do not feel trapped in the garment, because you want it to be light because you will want to use them in sunny weather and maybe go out to casual places with it and you don’t want it to be too heavy. These are lightweight so don’t get one too thick because spring it’s only cold for a few weeks after winter.

The best of all is that it goes with any type of garment, from dresses to jeans with white shirts and sneakers, we cannot deny this sweater coat is something that we should have all, I recommend that you get one made with organic cotton, it is much better for the environment and it will last you a long time, which is what we all want when we buy clothes right? Do not choose those cheap ones with super-thin materials because the first time you wash it it will wear out quickly and maybe it will become hollow or lose its color, try to choose from a good store with good quality.

The favorites are always soft and neutral colors, such as beige or white, cream colors such as baby blue or lilac, in recent seasons they have been creating options with cloud or heart prints, which give it an extra and it looks super cute. The ones with stripes are one of the most sold, there are options with more vintage trends and another more updated, I have both and I use them to go everywhere and to be around the house because they have that relaxed style that we can use at any time without import the occasions (less elegant occasions of course)


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