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Those Gorgeous Dresses Like Disney Princesses

It’s always good to have affective memories of our childhood, even more so when we have the opportunity to bring those memories to the current time we are living. In order to remember our childhoods, I bring in this article beautiful dresses that are very similar to the dresses of Disney princesses.

The summer 2022 shows have already set the tone: the next few months will be very sensual. With temperatures on the rise and with the advance of vaccination, the desire to put the body on display in celebration of the return to the streets and freedom is even reflected in the choice of dresses, which arrive full of cutouts, transparency, and textures. “This will be the summer of love.”

After so much time holed up inside the house wearing hoodies, the order now is to show off. In the fit, in the texture, in the length, or in the type of cut, there will always be a sexy element driving this season’s most important pieces.

Is it modern Cinderella? The light blue tones are gaining more and more in the market, and many women use and abuse this trend, in order to bring lightness and finesse to the look. This look can be used both at weddings and even at daylight graduations. This color is delicate and highlights the beauty of the lap of the woman who wears it.

For brave women, you can be inspired by the colors of Princess Merida’s dress, this shade of green is a luxury, silk dress in the face of wealth, and these types of gala dresses are widely used by celebrities at events, such as the carpet red. This color reminds us of nature and the warrior woman that exists within us.

The year 2022 is lilac and purple, they predicted this at the turn of the year, would the inspiration above be the rapunzel of modern times? This tone has a lot to do with spirituality, mystery, dignity, wisdom, nobility, and extravagance. It is a color with very contrasting meanings as it can communicate royalty, mysticism, and spiritual power, but it is also associated with funereal and melancholy. It also communicates creativity, sensuality, and meditation.

It turns out that wearing yellow is dressing in the most cheerful, sunny, and happy color there is, it is telling the world that you are ready to face it with optimism and a smile on your face. More than that, yellow suggests an open, creative, outgoing, communicative, and welcoming personality. Reminds us of Belle, from “Beauty and the Beast”, Beauty who sees beauty where many eyes don’t.

Do you want to be a fairy? This can come true, the dress above that reminds us a little of the Tinkerbell fairy, this dress was used at an award show and caught the attention of many women, these ruffles and the fit make the dress voluminous and flashy, if you want a oloforte, this is the ideal dress!

Even those who don’t identify so much with a super sexy look will end up getting into the dance somehow. “I believe that the fabrics will always have a little touch of that sensuality, perhaps a ribbed knit that is tighter to the body. After all, it is our cry for freedom”, punctuates the style consultant. Even if in a more discreet and not obvious way, a detail in the fit or the type of texture will end up reflecting the summer mood of love.

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