Washing and Caring for Your Workout Clothes
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Washing and Caring for Your Workout Clothes

It’s inevitable to mention about the importance of looking after your exercise clothes as these directly affect their performance and duration. Women mainly respond to the featured and recognizable yoga and gym gear which is distinguished by its high quality, comfort, moisture-wicking, and flattering design.

Here’s an informative guide to ensure your leggings, sports bra and shorts set, and other Cosmolle pieces stay fresh, functional, and looking their best:

Washing Essentials

With these easy tips, you are guaranteed that your Cosmolle workout clothes will be fresh, efficient and ready to brave every workout session. Keep in mind that when you invest in your clothes, they, in turn, will invest in you, allowing you to reach your fitness goals comfortably and fashionably.

  • Separate and Sort: Wash your workout clothes separately unless it is explicitly allowed to mix with other laundry. This is the reason why they keep kind of ‘clean’ in this respect by not picking lint or color from other garments. Categorize Cosmolle activewear bodysuit by color to make sure dyed each of them. Here’s what we pick in the color categorization stage.
  • Cool Water Reigns Supreme: Select only cold water washing option for the clothes. Hot water can damage the fibers that are to weak and make the fit the wrong size and not what you to want.
  • Gentle on the Cycle: Select a less tumultuous cycle rather than vigorous washing machine tumbling. It ingrates the garment so that its surface looks even on multiple places, and thus, does not cause excessive wear out.
  • Detergent Matters: Instead of using the people that are harmful to the environment go with nature. A washing machine with a mild detergent, suitable in sportswear, can be used. These detergents can be used to clean clothes without deposits left on that can clog the fabric’s pores and thus breathe ability would be diminished.
  • Banish the Fabric Softener: Softeners of fabrics deposits a layer of the film and thus lowers the fiber wicking capacity. Make sure to stick only with the amount of detergent that is recommended by the label.

Extra Care Tips:

Through taking these quick actions you can be rest assures the performance of your Cosmolle activewear will always be top notch and ready to crush each workout.

  • Don’t Delay the Wash: Do not allow your clothes to lie in your hamper for long periods of time while working. The longer they sit, the more difficult they are to clean fully of odors. If you need to wear for long time then comfortable underwear for women is best choice.
  • Pre-Treat Stains: Treat stains right away. For persistent stains, before washing the place, pre-treat the particular area with a gentle stain remover suitable for sportswear.
  • Zippers and Fasteners: Make sure to close all zippers and tie up any Velcro closures before throwing the Cosmolle garment into the washing machine. It does the job of keeping the garments from snags and tearing apart other garments.

Through adhering to these simple washing and care tips, you can maintain your Cosmolle activewear looking like new, so you can focus on your training and your fitness objectives, whether it is in style or being comfortable.

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