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Anti-blue Fashion Glasses, Which Ones Do You Like?

Eyeglasses that feature a blue-light filter have become very popular during the worldwide lockdown. All because we started to spend even more time using computers and gadgets. Long-time working and staring at a blue digital screen does not only irritate eyes, makes them water, or dry, it may promote overall emotional discomfort, headaches, and even insomnia. So, anti-blue light glasses were designed to prevent all of these symptoms from happening, protecting the precious eyesight, and saving the nerves. Well, in case you are searching for the perfect anti-blue light glasses, here are some of our top picks.

Paloma Champagne Eyeglasses

Paloma is the elegant, clear glasses with a blue-light filter in the lenses. A pair of such glasses will protect your vision from the harsh light of a screen. Of course, the best, and the most beautiful thing about design is the champagne-colored, unisex frames. These frames fit everyone.

J.Crew Factory Round Glasses

Feel that your eyes are tired after a whole day in the office? These simple eyeglasses with a blue-light filter will significantly reduce tiredness, and also add a few points to your style. Amber frames and classic design will trigger a ton of compliments from your colleagues.

Quay All Nighter Cat Glasses

Have an urgent project for work? Tese all-nighter glasses will help you to get through it with no eye soreness. Cat-eye frames are universally flattering, so you don’t need to spend hours thinking if they will fit the shape of your face. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it?

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

For those, who prefer vintage touch to their looks, Cyxus has prepared the next blue light blocking model. These glasses come in retro-looking thin frames, with a pair of clear round lenses. Use them for work, leisure time, reading from the monitor, and gaming.

Geometric Blue Light Glasses

Another thin pair of anti-blue light glasses, yet this time with an interesting twist. The rose-gold frame of these glasses has a soft geometric shape, which adds a stylish touch to your casual look. They are super-versatile and fit almost everyone.

Lindsey Glitter Gold Eyeglasses

Add a glistering touch to your look with these pair of blue light glasses. An interesting cat-eye frame shape is decorated with rhinestones along the edges, which adds an extra class to the design. If you want to emphasize your individuality these Lindsey glasses should be a pair of your choice.

Essntl Frames Diamond Cut Glasses

And, lastly, here is a pair of diamond-cut glasses. Just like any other glasses on the list, these clear lenses have a blue-light filter, so they will save your eyes from the harp influence of gadgets. The stylish, rectangle style of the glasses will complete your office look.

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