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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Shapewear

Shapewear is known to be torturous and unforgiving to some people because it compresses the internal organs and sometimes make it hard to breath. For many women, shapewear is a gift from the gods because it smoothers out any pesky lumps and bumps that peek out from the ungiving fabrics.   Shapewear has become very popular over the years because this undergarment makes the wearer appear slim and curvy.  They are available in different sizes, colors, types and shapes.    If you are interested in adding shapewear to your lingerie closet, you have to ask yourself 5 questions before you check out wholesale shapewear and start shopping.

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What part of your figure are you trying to enhance or correct?

The first thing is to determine which part of your body that you would like to enhance or hide.  Ideally if you are searching for a shapewear that can shape the entire torso but not the hips, then a bodysuit is ideal.   New bodysuit styles feature an open bust that can actually lifts your breasts and you will have to wear your won bra. If you want to minimize a larger chest, choose a suit that covers the chest.  Shapewear panties are great for eliminating panty lines and at the same time, slim down your thighs, hips, rear, and even your tummy like the high waisted panty below.  If you would like to have slimmer thighs, opt for a boy short shapewear.

High-Waisted Black Slimming Belly Panty 4 Plastic Bones

Where Are You Going To Wear The Shapewear To?

Shapewear can be worn everyday and up to 10 hours a day.  Before you buy a shapewear, you have to first determine if you are wearing it for your gym workout or as an everyday wear.  For workouts like waist training, then you may want to check out waist trainer wholesale for a waist trainer such as the camo print waist trainer featured below.   These tightly laced corset is worn during a workout is a popular exercise trend for those who want an hourglass figure like the Kardashians. There are also high-waisted leggings that you can actually work out in.  If you want a shapewear for everyday use, then you can look for a seamless shaping bodysuit,  mid-thigh body shaper, bra push ups or panty shaper.

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What Are You Wearing The Body Shaper With?

Are you looking for a shaper under a dress?  Then you need a shaping camisole. If you want a shaper for your butt to be worn under a skirt, you may be interested in the purchase of a control half-slip. If you are an active person or often fidget with your clothes, a better choice would be control short. If you are looking to slim your arms, then you may opt for the sleeve shapewear bra below and worn under a long sleeve top.

What type of fabric do you prefer?  

When the weather gets warmer, you would be wearing flowy  and soft outfits.  However, when it comes shapewear, you won’t be able to find a flowy one.  Instead, opt for shapewear in breathable fabric like cotton.  Shapewear are generally made from fabrics such as nylon or spandex and these are great for winter.

 What Color Shapewear You Should Get?

Most people love black when it comes to undergarments.  It is the same with shapewear.  However, you may want to skip black shapewear during the day time because black absorb heat.   Different dresses need different color of shapewear especially if you are wearing a light fabric dress like chiffon or a see-through dress. A nude color bodysuit shapewear is a good choice. It is best to wear something that matches the fabric or shapewear that is the same color as your skin.

Medium Control Skin High Elastic Mesh Panty Shapewear Plus Size Workout

Shapewear is designed to boost your confidence and help your clothes fit better, whether you are wearing them every day or on special occasions.  Head over to Lover-Beauty, a leading shapewear wholesale store that offers a range of affordable and beautiful shapewear that embraces women of all sizes and shapes.

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