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Corset construction workshop plan

A corset construction workshop will be held at No. 109 Verret St. in Houma on Saturday noon.

Team member Moira McCrae will host the seminar and she will teach those interested in how to create an innocent Victorian corset.

“This type of corset is a corset worn under the clothes. It is not visible,” McRae said.

These corsets were usually used by European women in the 16th century. Later they used an idiot, a flat whale or wood sewn on the outer shell of a corset to help it maintain a stiff shape.

The idea of hosting the seminar came from McCrae, because as a curvy girl, she was frustrated with the lack of choice, so she taught herself how to make them.

“I want to teach other women interested in learning,” she said. “I realize that some coaches will work better and I am happy to help them learn.”

She will also teach people how to measure themselves and how to cut the model.

McRae said: “Some women have larger hips and other women have larger hips, so models always have different methods.”

McCrae will provide a PDF of her bodice from a company called Truly Victorian.
“They will keep this model,” she said. “If they want, they can even make some changes in the future.”

The entrance fee for the seminar is now closed. However, McCrae said she is willing to hold another one based on the needs of the second seminar.

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