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Everyone Should Own A Pair Of These AJ Shoes

Air Jordan (AJ) is a casual, athletic, and stylish basketball shoe produced by Nike. The shoe, which was primarily created for the Hall of Fame, has never gone out of style. The shoes come in different options, including high, mid, and low for the perfect fit. These shoes represent the whole family as there are styles for men, women, and kids. Could you take a look at some of them?

Air Jordan 1: this is the shoe that started it all during the classic basketball. They got a history that no one can deny their prominence in the realm of basketball footwear. The brand has elevated its retro releases and has brought the OGs up to today’s shoes’ technical standards.

Air Jordan 2: the shoe was influenced by luxury. The shoe is Italy made and with its faux-lizard skin along the top, it is formulated to mimic trend-setting dress shoes. The emergence of AJ 2 signaled a new era on its first drop. It set the groundwork and built the foundation for a long footwear dynasty.

Air Jordan 3: The shoe that changed the brand and featured a visible air-sole unit under the heel. It set a new standard in fashion and tech that kept MJ signed to Nike. AJ 3 is universally a fan-favorite style amongst sneaker fans. 

Air Jordan 4: the shoe is a staple for sneaker lovers. It features a molded mesh overlay on the upper and a customizable lacing. Since it is coming out, there has been endless colorways and even collaborations with other brands.

Air Jordan 5: the shoe has maintained its predecessor mesh side panels and took another bold step with its look. It takes its inspiration from world war two era fighter planes. 

AJ uses top-grade leathers from all across the universe, and its styles of fabrication result in shoes that are of the optimum class and luxury. An expression of personal taste and individuality. These shoes strive to inspire a life lived with character. It is only the Jordan brand that instills a distinct feeling to whoever is owning a pair. 

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