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ZEN ZEN STUDIO Fashion Sportswear

Home fitness is essential! Wear fashionable sportswear from ZEN ZEN STUDIO to make sports and fitness more comfortable and motivated! Its styles are avant-garde and its fabrics are soft and comfortable! More importantly, it can be worn for a long time without deformation! This time ZEN ZEN STUDIO will present a fitness suite for the most confident you!

Most of my motivation for fitness comes from beautiful fitness equipment. The styles and colors of ZEN ZEN Studio have won my heart. The Legging of this brand is very nude on the upper body, with first-class skin-friendliness, without any sense of restraint. The soft waxy material is super comfortable, and the splits are stress-free, which is very suitable for Pilates and yoga~

The color is also very healing, the apricot pink is too charming. The cut and version are also very thin and hip. The crotch treatment is also excellent. In addition to fitness, it is also excellent as a daily collocation. It has both a sense of fashion and comfort.

Next, I will evaluate zen zen studio’s clothes from all aspects such as elasticity and softness, sweat absorption, comfort, and so on.

Elasticity and flexibility: 4/5

Tops need to be ironed, but the 4-way stretch technology used in pants. As a niche brand, elasticity and softness are surprisingly good.

Sweat absorption: 4.5/5

The summer in New York is really hot, and I sweat a little after taking a circle of photos outside. The clothes are very absorbent. You can see the sweat marks on your clothes when you go home.

Comfort: 4/5

After putting on the clothes, I jumped and jumped again to test the comfort. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, and there is no mark of tight fitness clothes. The overall body fits well.

Plastic effect: 3.5/5

These pants are designed with a high waist, and their pants also have a peach hip “smile line design” but the effect of raising the hips is really quite satisfactory, even a bit flattening the buttocks. I may have to lower the plastic effect slightly.

Camel toe: 5/5

Camel toe is really embarrassing and difficult to avoid in tight fitness clothes. I really want to compliment zen zen studio on this point. There is no such situation in their family. Fairies, feel free to wear their pants.

Finally, I saw on the official website of Zenzen studio that all the clothes in their house are Eco-friendly fabrics, and for every order we place, there are $5 as Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) and Save the Elephants organization Donation, praise for their brand’s charity.

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