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Corsets live in the course

At 3:30 pm on weekdays at Orchard Corset, Peggy and Ralph Bergstein have sold nearly 20 corsets, ranging from black matte satin to brown trimmed yellow cotton. They can sell 10 before the closing time.

These corsets are real deals. Although whales are no longer used, they have steel deboning and top to bottom ties and can be pulled four to five inches at the waist. Women of all shapes and sizes (rather than a few men) will come in, leaving behind a Victorian silhouette.

All these people are still buying corsets in 2015?

“Everyone wears them,” Ms. Bergstein said, working with her husband to run the Lower East Side store. “You don’t know. Just most people won’t tell you. They want you to think it’s natural. But when you see that shape on the street, when the waist is small, I tell you that it’s a corset. They It is now more popular than Spanx.”

This may be an exaggeration, but any rumor about the death of a corset is also true. In the past few years, the corset has received some high attention. Kim and Khloé Kardashian are voice advocates for waist training – that is, wearing corsets for hours each day in an attempt to reshape a person’s body, and the photos of these sisters spurred dozens of articles about modern corsets. . After Jessica Alba gave birth to a child, she had already worn it for a few months, claiming that this was the reason why she recovered her body. Designers often evoke bodice in their designs, no one is more prominent than Jean Paul Gaultier, and his show is full of such references.

“There must be an aesthetic of corsets today,” said Nancy Deere, a fashion historian at New York University. “We have a lot of celebrities to show off their hourglass numbers, and the corset is really a complement to this number.”

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