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The Internet can’t overcome the clothes that Kim Kardashian wears in her “Sound of Music” photo.

Although her fashion choices usually do not date back to the 1980s, the style of these milkmaid looks back to the 19th and early 20th centuries – fluffy sleeves, long skirts and more. Fortunately, this lascivious lady, the style of those times also involves corsets and cleavage.

In the first photo taken, she wore a Vivienne Westwood dress. The top of the dress is red, with very fluffy long sleeves, almost as wide as a dramatic skirt. The neckline of the corset top is plummeting and the skirt is pink. Her hair is a large braided bun, located at the back of the neck.

On the second look, you can only see her from the chest, she is wearing a LoveShackFancy farmer’s shirt and wearing a black dress next to Row. She is posing in the valley. The whole thing is the sound of music meeting with Mary Antoinette or the lodge on the prairie LesMisérables.

The mother of the three children is known for her shocking style, but she is usually shocked by the fact that she is not wearing it. This time, people can’t overcome what she wears and how much she wears.

“Oh, I don’t know you,” said a pink tweet.

“I like to see gold dressing. She has a swinging body, but we have seen every inch of it. It’s different, beautiful and perfect, I am here,” Twitter users are lingering. “I like how different this is! You look beautiful!” Another response.

Most people can’t overcome how much this 37-year-old body is covered because she often wears underwear, bikinis or mini dresses, especially recently. “This is the most clothes I have ever seen,” said a pink tweet. “You look great when you put on your clothes!” added another. “I know that gold is a symbol of sex, but she looks so amazing in this photo. Sometimes it is less. You don’t need to show a lot of beautiful looking skins,” an Instagram user pointed out.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes this bold look. “At least @makeupbymario saved this day. But this dress is terrible. What are they thinking!” Someone wrote a post that responded to her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s promotion. “Kim is getting ready to stir some bomb butt butter,” another Instagram user joked. “I am sorry… I just laughed,” wrote one Twitter user.

Many opponents are troubled by swelled sleeves because they think their arms look bigger. “That dress makes her upper body look masculine. It is definitely not a fan of this,” someone said. “Looks like a linebacker.”

Then there is comparison. Some are in stock and some are just funny. They range from The Handmaid’s Tale to Harriet Tubman. “Serving the small houses on the prairie!” someone said in a tweet. “Handmades Tail [sic] is a bit inspiration, I like it!” another suggestion. “LMAAAOOO, she looks like she wants to wrap all the sheep around,” an Instagram user joked. Others mentioned the Disney Princess and Gone with the Wind. “Modern Snow White. It’s strong and romantic. Sexy and soft. It evokes power in silence. One thing is just as a model, something completely different can be expressed through images,” someone said. “She looks like Scarlett Hala…but like the Carol Burnett version of her curtains.” One simply wrote: “Harriet Tubman ?”

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