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Where is death and nightingale shooting? Photograph of the location of Jamie Dornan’s new BBC TV show

“Death and Nightingale” was filmed in Northern Ireland by an all-star actor led by 50-degree grey star Jamie Dornan.

The camera was shot in the summer of 2018 and was filmed at Co Fermanagh (according to the Daily Telegraph).

The BBC’s promotional photo was released in August and featured Jamie – along with co-starred Ann Skelley – riding a carriage with a lush rural backdrop behind it.

What is death and nightingale?
According to Eugene McCabe’s 1992 novel “Death and Nightingale,” Beth Winters decided to leave her life on her 25th birthday.

Set for more than 24 hours, the story will be divided into three sections and broadcast on the BBC.

The story takes place in 1885 and will feature clothing and transportation that suits the period.

Who else will star in death and nightingale, when will it appear on TV?
Jamie and the All-Star actor participated in the show, including American actor Matthew Reese and actor Warren Kane, who co-starred in the fall.

Ann Skelly will be the breakthrough star of the show, as the 21-year-old actress plays the key role of Beth Winters, and Jamie plays the fascinating role of Liamward.

The show is expected to air on the BBC later this year.

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