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In order to counter the society, Korean women are crushing cosmetics

Seeing our favorite highlighter sticks on the entire floor, or our lip balm deformity and smearing in our cosmetic bag lining is a nightmare fuel for any makeup lover, but Korean women support it for a very important reason.

As a woman, we often feel pressure to find or take certain actions, especially Korean women have recently suffered the most serious blow. At that time, the first female anchor on Korean TV was strongly opposed because of the simplicity of wearing glasses. A girl must see!

As a result, women from all over Korea are now participating in the counterattack of the “Escape from the Corset” campaign, which sees women smashing cosmetics in response to pressure from society.
Video that is popular with Instagram shows that high-end palettes and lipsticks are fragmented to create artwork, although it may make us feel a bit nervous, but trend followers hope to bring change to the industry. It has been stiff in history.
Korean woman Cha Ji-won is a woman who is involved in change. She said that she used to spend 100,000 won / 68 pounds a month to make up her own makeup.

She told the Guardian: “Everyone has so much mental energy every day, and I used to spend too much time worrying about “beautiful.”


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