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Ariel Winter wears a bodice and cargo pants to participate in the Levi Meaden basketball game

After their epic Halloween weekend, Ariel Winter borrowed some styles of inspo from another pop culture icon.
The modern family star cites Kim Possible in the Los Angeles Lakers game on Sunday night, wearing a black bodice and Kim’s signature sweatpants – bringing the concept of “underwear dressing” to a new world-class show. . Drawing on Kim’s style book, she paired high-heeled black boots with some serious avant-garde rivets, with hoop earrings and a black ladies bag. She wears long black hair and falls off her shoulders, keeping her makeup neutral, shiny bare lips and a touch of eye makeup.
Ariel isn’t the only one to bring back green cargo pants: Levi is using his own GF, wearing black boots and black henley. Based on their clothing alone, the two are ready for any “sitch.”
Today, bringing boudoir clothing to the streets is a favorite of celebrities. Bella Hadid recently wore her own pink corset when she was dating The Weeknd, and Kendall Jenner made the underwear look like by wearing a white bodice and Adidas sweatpants. More sporty.
If anyone has anything to say about Ariel Winter’s view of style, she has some important things to share. Last year, she responded to the dressing swingman on Instagram, and she questioned some of her wardrobe choices. “As a child, you will do whatever it is for you,” she wrote. I am an adult now, he can make his own choices and have his own identity,” she wrote. And just because I decided to show my body occasionally doesn’t mean I’m not smart or I don’t have talent or I don’t have self-esteem.”

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