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What Color Pants To Choose In Autumn To Look Thin

Before I start talking about how to buy colored pants that are ideal for each body, I need to say that there is not an ideal outfit for each type of body, but for the perception, you have of your body.

So imagine two women with hourglass-like bodies: slim waist, wide hips, and big butt. One of them loves having a big butt and only wears clothes that draw attention to that part because she loves people to praise or envy her guitar body.

But, on the other hand, the other hates having this type of body and makes a point of disguising these features and her silhouette. If they wear the same jeans, the end result will be the same for both of them, and one of them will love it and the other will hate it.

Also because this is one of the reasons that most women buy an outfit equal to their friend or famous and do not like themselves. Because you are insisting and buying clothes the wrong way.

Therefore, to choose the best-colored pants (as well as any other clothing that interests you) for your body, you first need to know what you like and don’t like about it, to know what will disguise and what will bring out your silhouette.

Colorful pants for those who are short

If you’re not into heels and still like to take the risk of looking shorter or looking more modern. Bet on tight models like the skinny pants they elongate the silhouette.

Likewise, avoid torn jeans with lighter washes. Another model is the medium and high waist pants that can help you make and look taller.

In addition, flare pants lengthen the silhouette and look better when worn with high heels, which guarantees several extra centimeters.

Colored pants can also help disguise the hips and butt

If you have wide hips and a big butt and want to disguise it. Make good choices.

So avoid faded and worn jeans. Opt for pocketless pants with details, effects, or textures on the front and sides.

Another model that cannot be left out is straight pants if worn with the hem of the pants, showing the ankle and shin will make it look like the silhouette is even smaller.

Use Patna court in a darker and more opaque tone than the top. Another tip that can’t be missed is the low-slung pants, giving preference to medium or high waists.

One secret that can be revealed is knowing how to neutralize the bottom and draw attention to the top. It is worth using pieces with colors, volume, prints, details, among others.

Colorful pants for those with thick thighs

The ideal is to be comfortable and, above all, draw attention to the upper part of the body, to balance the silhouette.

So invest in darker washes. Plus, straight pants and looser fits are perfect for disguising thick thighs.

Likewise, avoid faded, torn, and frayed jeans in the thigh area.

Skinny pants, which are very tight to the legs, also visually enhance even though they may not seem like it.

Colored pants for skinny girls

Pants with hip-length details, worn washes, appliqués, and pleated or buttoned pockets are good choices.

Also bet on light and ultra-colored pants, in addition to prints. So, to show the waist, wear pants with a high waistband and a tighter blouse.

Likewise, pieces with a knife pocket on the front and large pockets on the back add more volume to the butt.

Also try blouses with volume, bright colors, prints, and details!

Don’t worry about the silhouette

You don’t need to have just one type of pants, let alone hate your body all the time. For example, did you love a pair of pants in which it has a lot of features that you don’t like so much?

Make a combination with a blouse that will lessen this impact and balance the silhouette. Or use it on a day when your self-esteem is up there and you’re enjoying your body, even more, the way it is.

Be sure to try out new possibilities!

Look at your body lovingly in the mirror. Try out new options and designs with other shoes and accessories. And don’t forget that style is an exercise in self-knowledge.

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