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The Most Effective Sunscreen Spray In 2021

There are many brands out there that are very good at protecting you from the sun, many fulfill the same function, they are light, they are not sticky, and they can be reapplied during the day without any discomfort. But obviously, we want the best one that causes the least problem when applying and reapplying it during the day, every day, and that is the banana boat. It is my favorite in terms of price and durability, banana boat has been a favorite for years and continues on the rise of sunscreens, many new brands have appeared but none like this.

Everything you need from a protector is in this one, it is designed for people who practice outdoor sports such as volleyball, which makes it even much more perfect, it does not leave that whitish color that sunscreens leave since it is in spray and is It dissolves very well on the skin, I prefer the cream ones but when you are already on the beach or you are not at home, it feels somewhat uncomfortable to apply it because it takes time to dry, that is why I like this one, in particular, it is like putting on perfume and you only use your hands to make sure you haven’t left a lot of product in one place.

For a sunscreen to be effective you have to have 2 things, a sunscreen with high protection of 100 or more, and a reapplication routine during the day to make it much more effective, it is not enough to apply it just once and that’s it, Since we sweat or go to the pool or the beach and the effect is lost as the hour’s pass, there is the effectiveness of your sunscreen.

If it has happened to you that you use sunscreen and the next day you feel discomfort on your skin, that means that you did not reapply the sunscreen correctly, since we were children we saw how our parents bathed us in sunscreen but after spending a few hours in the water, you could see how That sunscreen bath was disappearing, and they did not reapply because they believed that that was enough, at the end of the day we ended up with marks all over the body and super red skin, it was not enough what they applied to us at the beginning of the day.

That is why we must educate ourselves about the sun and all the effects it can have on our skin, 30 or 40 years ago there was no this information, there are many skin diseases thanks to the misinformation that existed for decades about UV rays Imagine all those women who filled their bodies with oil on the beach to tan and now must have all kinds of skin discomfort for not knowing that this can damage your skin, it is time to be more aware of the sun and everything what surrounds us and that can affect us in one way or another.

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