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Rodrigo Alves moved from the Big Brother family

Just four days after he had more than 1,000 complaints about Ofcom’s use of N in his conversation with another roommate.

The broadcaster said that after the “further incident”, Alves had left the plan and would not return.

What happened and why he was removed is unclear.

Some viewers suggested that he should be removed from the show immediately after using highly aggressive racial terms.

Instead, the producer gave him a “final warning” and said that if he repeated the language, he would be driven out of the house.

I have received further comments on Channel 5 but declined.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Alves describes himself as a TV personality and performer.

Known as the Human Kendo, he admitted to undergoing 62 plastic surgeries, including 10 nose work, one facial and eye lift, mandibular remodeling and four ribs removed. “When I wear a suit jacket, it looks better. “.

He is a frequent visitor on the red carpet, has more than 700,000 fans on Instagram, often sees them on the beach, meets on the yacht, and shows off his bodice collection.

‘The year without the big brother’
The latest controversy of the show took place on the fifth channel of the boss who seemed to confirm that the show was a day off.

Controller Ben Frow said at the Edinburgh International Television Festival: “I plan to spend a year without my big brother.”

It is not clear whether he refers to the celebrity and non-celebrity versions of the show.

The broadcaster announced that the agreement for the plan will end this year. Former champion Brian Belo agrees that the format is now resting.

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