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These Pendants Are The Most Fashionable to Wear with Clothing!

Pendant necklaces are simple, elegant, and graceful. They complete your outfit without making it look too glitzy or brash. Long chained pendant necklaces, short-chained necklaces, or even layered pendant necklaces are the perfect accessories, especially when paired over sweaters. Accessorizing sweaters can be a little tricky but you can never fail with these pendant styles:

1.       The layered pendant necklace

This plain, modest necklace will go with any kind of sweater, but  Pairing it with a turtleneck will bring out its sheer elegance. The golden chain and flat pendants add a hint of charm and sensuality to your look. You can wear it for both formal events and casual occasions.

2.       The big pendant

Have a plain white sweater and don’t know how to accessorize it? Here’s a look that you can try. The long dark chain with the oval pendant is a great way to make your outfit go from dull to perky. The big pendant will complement your attire without attracting too much attention

3.       The party style

Here’s a detailed necklace that will definitely put you in the limelight. Its cute, colorful style can be paired with a fitted sweater or a turtleneck. The subtle colors, the gold chain, and its small pendant make it the perfect accessory to make your outfit look classy and elegant.

4.       Tassels all the way

This tasseled necklace is a cute, quirky accessory for those of you who don’t like boring chains and subtle colors. It adds a splash of bright colors to your look and is best worn with loose, knit sweaters. You can also pair it with simple earrings and bracelets to complete the look

5.       Charm pendants

this necklace is perfect for a subtle look on its own. However, you can also pair it with other necklaces to give it a layered finish. The butterflies on this necklace and its choker style make it an ideal accessory for all kinds of sweaters. Wear it on top of round neck sweaters, or even loose-knit sweaters.

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