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Women want many things, we want roses and chocolates, perfumes, jewelry, but we also like gifts that are unique and unexpected, handmade or personalized gifts that would show her that you know her and knows what she likes and wants to give it to her, in the most personal way you can. Because if there is something that we women love, sometimes they give us something that we really like, that excites us and that we can use or keep for a long time, that we treasure because that’s how we are, we keep everything, If you know your partner well, it should not be so difficult to know what to give him on this day, but you have to decide what you want to do, something more traditional or something very unique and specific.


If you are looking for what to give your partner this Valentine’s Day you have to think about some things, you have to think about the personality of your partner and understand how she is or what she likes, if you have an idea of what she likes in terms of sweets or accessories, if you wear a lot of jewelry or if you like hair accessories, there are hundreds of tastes. If you want to give her a travel package, a personalized suitcase with her initials if she has plans for her to travel soon, you have to actually meet your partner if you want to do something very detailed and personalized.


If your presents are more like those unforgettable moments, dinners and surprises in special places are your best option, accompanied with champagne or wine, a dinner with a spectacular meal or made by you too, roses and chocolates, it has worked for years and continues to work. You can vary it with the place, with an impressive view or in a restaurant that she would never believe she could eat there, think very well of your partner and what she would like to live with.


If you want to give her something that she does not expect, something handmade and unique that you cannot buy in a gift store, Etsy is the perfect place for that, this season of love there are hundreds of stores that literally save your skin with Incredible creations, from illustrations, purses with the initials that you choose to personalized pictures with what you want, there are very creative people out there who have everything you are looking for and more, really, entering Etsy is entering one of the most popular and unique stores right now.


Whatever you want to give, always think about the present with a little vision to the future, show her how much you care right now and how you see her in the near future with you and this is just a small sample of that. I know that there is a lot of pressure for things to be perfect based on what society says but do not think about any of that because what matters is that person who makes you feel special every day and that you plan to continue loving and showing that you love her every day not only on Valentine’s Day.


How about a trip that she can never forget? A day in a romantic cabin in the woods, a night at your favorite hotel, a picnic on a beautiful lake or a plane trip to another country if that has been your dream, to a tropical place or something more wintery, there are many opportunities to surprise her you just have to have imagination.

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