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These Average Style Shoes Actually Are Most Classic

Are you constantly facing troubles in picking the right pair of footwear for any occasion? There could be many possible reasons for such issues. However, you can always ensure that you are ready for any occasion if you have some classic shoe styles in your wardrobe. Let us take a look at some of the average shoe styles that would always be exceptional classics.

Classic Black Pumps

Classic black pumps are a must-have in the shoe closet of any woman, regardless of their age. These superstars fit perfectly with jeans, shorts, dresses, and almost anything that you have in your wardrobe. Most important of all, classic black pumps are also ideal for special occasions such as a red carpet appearance or graduation day. However, there is no reason not to choose the classic black pumps for work and even for a casual party. At least one pair of these bad boys in your shoe closet can help you spin up the perfect look!

black pumps

Fancy Statement Heels

Even though they may be a bit glossy, fancy statement heels are also perfect average style shoes for achieving the ideal classic look. Is there any special event around the corner? Then, you should pick some fancy statement heels with some silver or classic gold hues for adding versatility. Fancy metallic heels also go well with casual wear, such as jeans. The trick for choosing the ideal fancy statement heels is to recognize the one that can work well with cocktail dresses as well as with jeans.

Flat Strappy Sandals

Flat strappy sandals might seem like a reminiscence of the Roman civilization, albeit with a touch of contemporary sophistication. Especially with the summer’s arrival in order, you can definitely enjoy putting on these classics to bask in the sunshine on a beach. Sandals can work perfectly with short shorts, jeans and summer dresses. The colors that would work exceptionally well on flat strappy sandals are brown, tan, and taupe.

Pointy Flats

If you are bored with heels, then pointy flats are definitely the right pick for you. Pointy flats offer the comfort level that comes with ballerina flats. In addition, pointy flats also have a refined and highly sophisticated vibe about them. The silhouette is a particularly striking feature in pointy flats that makes them a lot more elegant. Expert tips suggest that you should choose neutral colors when you purchase pointy flats. It is preferable if the neutral colors match your skin tone.



Oxfords may seem like male territory. However, Oxfords for women have a very casual vibe. You can use them with almost any feminine piece of fashion and look ultra-stylish with the least efforts. Don’t hesitate to go for them if you are looking for average yet classier footwear.


Based on the above-mentioned information, you can now go ahead and purchase some of the best shoes to suit your class.

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