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The three best short haircuts this year make you 10 years younger

There are many types of short hairstyles, smart and handsome, intellectual and artistic, cute and sweet, how can you choose an “outstanding” short hair for yourself?


  1. Shoulder short hair

The first choice for girls who want to try short hair. Because this type of hairstyle can be tied up and down. Feel the sense of freedom brought by a shorter hairstyle first. Next time, maybe you can choose an even shorter type.

Suitable for all face types, all types of work. The hair can be straightened or ironed. It can also to curl the tail inside. Dyed your hair with a proper colour, which is more touching! (For example brown, chestnut, brown linen, dark purple.)

  1. Classic bobo hairstyle

Also called the student’s hairstyle. With a history of more than 100 years, it is suitable for all women’s standard short hairstyle. Some people may say that this hairstyle sometimes looks old-fashioned. Then you have to think about it, if you usually dress more casually and more earthly, then it is not recommended that you cut such hairstyles. If you are more fashionable, this type of hairstyle is absolutely fine. Of course, you can also make a little modification on the basis of this hairstyle, make the hairstyle becomes fashionable. For example, change a brighter hair colour or make hair curls. If the work requirements are not very strict, you can choose a small bunch of highlighting, or regional hair colouring, small changes make big difference.

  1. Hair’s length only to ears

Although this type of hairstyle does not have a high requirement for face shape, it is not recommended for girls who cut their hair for the first time. Because just cut it out all at once, if you don’t know how to take care of it, it will be more troublesome.

This type of hairstyle – fresh, trendy, young and energetic. Need to have a little blowing and styling ability. In order to facilitate maintenance, you can choose to slightly iron.

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