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5 Independent Brands of Luggage, Do You Like it?

While traveling, it is important to have sturdy luggage that will not break or have any other malfunctions. Apart from being sturdy, a travel bag must also be trendy and cool so as to fit into today’s trendy world. One must also consider their budget while traveling as spending a lot of hard-earned money only on travel luggage isn’t feasible. Here are a few luggage brands to browse through:

1.       American Tourister

American Tourister is one of the most widely known luggage brands. The best part of this brand is that it provides trendy designs at a seemingly low to mid-price range. It has great reviews along with the great quality of the bags. These bags are also covered by a warranty that the company provides.

2.       Samsonite

Samsonite is a large brand that manufactures not only luggage bags, but also garment bags, laptop bags, etc.  American tourister is owned by Samsonite and it gives fairly the same benefits. However there is increased quality of bags in Samsonite and it gives a more professional look to the user, along with other added benefits.

3.       Delsey

Delsey is a French brand that produces designer luggage. Its price range is not too expensive as it falls in the mid range. It is a great choice for the people who want a stylish, classy bag without spending a ton of money on it.

4.       Victorinox

Here is a reputed Swiss brand that is also known for the production of the swiss army knife. The bags are classy, elegant and will definitely make a great impression. Not only are these bags good on the eyes, they are extremely durable, strong and damage resistant too.

5.       Tumi

This luxury luggage brand is sure to take anybody’s breath away and not just because of its looks. These bags are made to be of the highest quality. But that is not all. The brand also provides additional services like complimentary monogramming and repair of the bags. The prices are above mid-range, but these bags are well worth the cost.

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