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Dakota Fanning has some very strong words on how to fix bachelors.

It may be a little shocking that Dakota Fanning is still only 24 years old, because she was in the popular imagination of Sam Sam’s breakthrough big-screen performance in 2001. She played the role of a female policeman in the TNT mini-play “Alienist” aired this spring. A serial killer killed male prostitutes in New York City in the 19th century and saw Fanning become a mid-career who recently saw television potential. One of the movie stars feels more appropriate than the 20-something star that Netflix recently liked. It turns out that she did take this form – especially when she was in the drama of Budapest. “I really like this experience,” she said. “I want to do something else on TV.” Here, Fanning shares her memories of shooting “aliens” and how to fix her favorite reality show.

Do you watch TV grow up?

When I grew up, I didn’t watch a lot of TV. Not my mother won’t let me, but I am very busy. But as I grow older, I cherish the time to watch TV. This is when I am partitioning. I am very open and excited about the possibility of doing something on TV because I was inspired by the other actors and stories I watched. I am not actively looking for it, but I hope that something will happen.

And aliens, is this the first big TV show you offer?
A long time ago I was called Taken in the mini-play, and Steven Spielberg made it for the Syfy channel, this is what I did on TV last time. Then The Alienist appeared, and its timing could not be better. This is one of the greatest experiences I have ever experienced.
Wow. Where did you shoot?

In Budapest, Hungary. I stayed there for almost seven months. It became my home. When I had to leave, I sobbed hysterically.


They set up the Ferris wheel in this square in Budapest, and we were there from March to September. When the winter begins, the Ferris wheel will rise and then rise throughout the summer. I will occasionally ride the Ferris wheel. A friend will come to the city to ride the Ferris wheel because you can see the whole city. On the last night of my stay, I rode the Ferris wheel, just crying hysterically, the Ferris wheel will reach the top, I will see the whole city, I will start crying because I don’t want to leave. I really depend on the little life there.

Have you got your corset?

I am not as nervous as a corset, no, but I have done some sort of way. I mean, one of the most important things about aliens is clothing – especially my clothing. Michael Kaplan is a fashion designer and he is a genius.
Flashdance, Blade Runner…
Blade Runner, the new Star Wars, is incredible. So wearing these clothes is a real privilege because they are more than just clothing. I don’t know, he put too much energy into every detail. I will have accessories for a few hours, I hate trying clothes, I will stand there. I passed out during the first renovation.
true? Because of the corset?

Ok, I just landed. That was before we started shooting. I just got the plane, you know that you are a little swollen and tired, and the time difference is very big, and I went directly to the studio and Michael. They put the corset on it, yes, I am like, “I am leaving. I am leaving!” I have to sit down and they will try to say, “Okay, how are you now?” “I will say, “No, no, still have to sit.” But you will get used to it. It’s weird that your body is fully adjusted.

Has your entire rib changed?

My body has changed completely. I mean, I used to wear a corset, but it has never been this long. Seven months; your body has completely changed. You can turn it on without tying or relaxing. In the end I just pulled it down and pulled it down. This is like the second nature.

I think Keira Knightley told me more than any other person wearing a tight corset, there is a whole set of food. You have to time, because otherwise it will start to appear.

of course. Whether it’s good or bad, a corset will let you enter the character, because it does affect everything you do: breathing, walking, running, sitting, standing, absolutely eating. Yes, you have to count it a bit because it doesn’t feel good after lunch.

I think you said something very interesting on the NPR about women at the time because they can’t dress themselves – if she needs someone there, how she changes her lifestyle.

complete. I think about it every day, in fact the woman of that period – that is, the program of 1896 – must help to do something

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