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Madonna’s Corset: The 20th Century Fashion Idol

Of course, you remember the “conical bra” (the corset) that Madonna famous when he participated in many of his concerts in the 1990s. Its creator is the French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, who is responsible for the tour of “Blonde Ambition”, one of the milestones is a corset with a pointed cone and gold.

Leave VÚ. The word corset comes from the word “cors”, which is the epitome of the body. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was used to lift the chest, tighten the waist and practice some exercise. Catalinade Médici is a propeller. The nobility prohibited women from wearing a wide waist at the Royal Court of France in 1550.

In order to disguise this number and show a different body, they have to resort to a new garment that is mandatory for women. The first corset was stiff and uncomfortable, with irons or woods and whales, all placed in front of the clothes. They are used so that the back is upright, the chest will rise, and the waist will be reduced because they are thought to improve body posture.

During the Renaissance, women abused corsets. They used a very small and tight waist to adjust unhealthy measures.

At the end of the seventeenth century, they became more sophisticated and were the fashion clothing used by women in the most important social activities. The hoop of the clothes pushes the chest to highlight the chest, making the woman more curvaceous, just like the beautiful ideal at the time.

Political return. “Two factors converge in the twentieth century: women become more active and feminists demand that you stop using bras to pose, equality between men and women in all areas, so fashion should not be an exception,” Laura said Malpeli de Jordaan, image Consultant and founder of the website

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