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Is the corset still not a corset? For ‘Colette’, the answer is simple – and very convincing

Hungarian fashion designer Andrea Flesch’s glamorous “Colette” costume perfectly reflects the spirit of the famous French writer and Scononie-Gabrielle Colette as a gender rebellion and fashion icon in the early 20th century. The intricate details and true reproductions of literary anti-traditional fashion perfectly show her masculine wardrobe.

“This is the first time I have completed this time and I am very happy to work with Colette,” Flesch said enthusiastically from Europe. “When you do it for the first time, it’s always the best, the energy is very high. In the 1940s, I did it a thousand times. If you wake me up in the middle of the night, I can still tell you everything. But the first It is always fresh once.

“This is really one of the best experiences of my life, and I like it wholeheartedly,” Flesch added, adding that he is preparing for the Westmoreland hand-washing movie. “Collet is such a primitive woman. Surprisingly, her life story has not been caught on the screen long time ago.”
Some cultural idols have a personal style that seems to be fully realized and actually constantly evolving: think about Elvis Presley, Bowie, Madonna. Colette belongs to this category. Is capturing a movie challenging?
Yes, this is a long arc that we pull together. Her concern for fashion itself is not as follows the inner voice of her inner improvement, her private path and her openness. She is one of these people. They don’t see other people have to tell them things and how to look, they look inside. As she matured, her clothes changed with her.

I knew very early that Keira Knightley (as Colette) decided not to wear a corset. How did this decision come about? Colette, herself, will wear one, is it?
Yes, there are even some famous photos of the corset! This is the idea of ​​Wash, I think it is also Keira. Keira is very convinced that she doesn’t need or want a corset. So this is not my idea, but I think this is a good idea. It really changed everything.
I remember when we were in London and pulled everything together, people were watching how “not right” she was wearing a corset. But this is a great idea. Kayla was very prepared from the beginning and strengthened her view of Colette – she has a very strong feeling that you can see through the whole movie, which has a great impact on her personality, not subject to the corset Bondage, everything she said.

With this image without a corset, Colette seems to be the pioneer of Coco Chanel, and he soon arrived at the scene?
absolute. This is my vision. They are as familiar as I am, including Colette and Coco Chanel. In addition, Coco Chanel’s favorite writer is Colette, so they later met each other in real life. But when I think of Coco Chanel or Colette, I also feel the same, it is about freedom. I have to say that Colette doesn’t understand fashion like Chanel, but the heart is very similar.

How do you get the cute but soft tones of ivory, grey, brown and black and white? I once thought that Paris fashion at the time was full of bright colors.
This is very interesting, because everything I have become more colorful before I started to feel the mood for Wash. However, when I got into work, I really felt that it had to be black and white. Colette’s personality is so simple, so sensitive and so sensitive, so I don’t want to let the clothes move around and distract her attention.

I want to keep her personality center stage. For me, she is a very elegant person, black and white is the most elegant thing in the costume. So, suddenly, I saw no other colors to enter. I know that in real life, things can be picky, overwhelming and colorful, but I want to make things simple and not exaggerated to keep things simple.

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