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Critic Sally Kylie Jenner urges the corset to “grab back” after giving birth

They said she is continuing unrealistic physical standards.

Despite her very successful make-up brand and reality show, Kylie Jenner became a kagillionare, but it seems that she is not opposed to doing some paid promotions for lifestyle brands on Instagram. Fans expressed support for her latest ads.

Two months after giving birth to her daughter Stormi Webster, Kylie is launching Waist Gang’s waist training package called the Snapback package. The set’s signature products include a bodice and a “cool slim gel” designed to help women who just let the baby “recapture” the baby’s body.

Now, fans are slamming Kelly because the products they sell are likely to be ineffective, and will only allow women who just make a real human being feel bad about their bodies, thus continuing unrealistic expectations for women.

The idea of ??putting on a bodice and applying a cooling gel to your stomach can help you lose your baby’s weight, which is a serious problem. These products prey on women who are vulnerable and unsafe to the changing body after birth and are looking for ways to get their “old” body back soon – we should tell women what they don’t have to do. It is unrealistic to jump back to the body before the baby in the first two months, and of course there are no magic gels.

As for Kelly, she has been away for six months during pregnancy, but since the birth in February, she is slowly putting her toes back on social media, releasing her new Ferrari pictures and many, many photos of her. Cute kid Stormi – one of them was humiliated by her mother because of her long nails (they obviously changed diapers very hard).

Although the fans overreacted to her long nails, they had a little opinion about the waist trainer’s advertisement.

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