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We tried a 10-day lumbar trainer like Kim Kardashian: What happened?

Kim Kardashian has never been ashamed of her efforts to stay in top shape: like so many of us, she gave up carbohydrates and often went to the gym. More unusually, she tied her waist to the waist trainer. Her sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are also proud to show off their corsets in the selfie, which even spread to the real stars Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

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As a large number of images fill our Instagram feed, it makes us think: Does this technology also work for non-celebrities?

“I really made a waist trainer for every girl,” said PreMadonna, founder of What’s A Waist (a series used by Kardashians), who told Us Weekly. “It gives you extra curves, without any tricks or gimmicks.”

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Although you can use a belt to create a dangerous curve, like most things, waist training has its downfall. “In the long run, a corset will affect your activity and breathing ability. It can replace the lungs, liver and intestines,” said Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Reset Diet. However, moderately, there are benefits. Gottfried added, “They can stabilize your core and encourage less food consumption.”

To find out the really favorite waist training, Us Weekly invited editorial assistant Jamie Blynn to try the technology for 10 days (increasing the time of her hourglass angel shaper from 4 hours to 8 days).

Photo: The star is just like us!

This is what happened (Spoiler warns: this is not a good thing!).
Day 1

11:30 am: When I hang this bad boy, I held the saddest wrestling match in the bathroom. Finally, I walked out of a flat stomach and moderately crushed the lungs. Surprisingly, there was no bloody knuckles.
11:35 am: I think someone stabbed me. I can’t rely on it, but my posture is obvious.

12:15 PM: “If it cuts off all the oxygen in my brain, will I die?” I asked my colleague. “This will be the saddest ob: the girl died 45 minutes after wearing the waist trainer.”

3:35 pm: After wearing it for four hours, I took it off just to find out that I have deep dents on my body. I do feel thinner, but as a somewhat over-exposed person (see 12:15 pm), it may be a placebo effect.

Day 2

10:30 am: It’s much easier to put it on top today. But, wow, bending over and putting on my pants is a fight!

Day 4

8:15 am: I never crossed the push-up bra, but now I know what it is like. This incident gave me the chest of a porn star. It’s annoying to figure out what I can wear.

8:30 pm: After wearing it for five hours today, I threw it for an hour because I had a date and I felt it was thinner. Pretend until you do it, right?

Day 5

3:16 pm: At this point, it will rise soon – and it will be more comfortable to enter. In addition, I have realized that it is easier to hook the buckle from the bottom to the top, and the opposite is true when it is removed.

Day 7

6:15 pm: My colleague was worried about the deep red mark left by the waist trainer after taking off his body in 7 hours. But the indentation disappeared after about 15 minutes.

Day 8

2:30 pm: I feel very numb, I hang the trainer on a tighter hook. It’s easy, it continues!

Day 10

8:22 am: It has become part of my daily life. However, I can’t wait to return to normal life.
4:30 pm: With the Rocky theme song playing in my mind, I measure myself – I have lost two inches! This may be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but the waist training is really effective, although it is temporary! Of course, give me some Oreo and a few days, the measurements may not be the same.

Day 24

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