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Popular Upgraded Version of Wide-Leg Pants, Big Ass Girls Wear Super Nice

You may be fascinated with pants, but you are unable to get the right choice of pant that will flatter your shape maybe because you have a big ass. But, worry less, as this article will highlight the tips you need to use when selecting wide leg pants. Also, you will get to know some of the popular upgraded version of wide leg pants.

Tip 1

You need to understand that all these pants can never be similar nor equal. One may fit you appropriately whereas another pair may fail to fit you. This calls for your understanding so that you may go for the pant that works for you.

Tip 2


You need to consider the choice of your fabric. You might be lucky to have a curvy bottom, but choice of the wrong fabric will fail you. For instance, if you choice a wide legged pant that is made of silk or lightweight linen, make sure that it is not too tight for you. However, in case you are a fanatic of unlined options, then it would be better if you go for a stiffer fabric. Note that too much stretches lower the quality of your pants, therefore do all the best to avoid them.

Tip 3

You have a big ass; therefore, a bigger wide leg pant is best for you. These pants need not be your actual size, you can buy even one that is two times bigger than your normal size. This is because your thighs require room for circulation of air.

Tip 4

When wearing these pants, makes sure you balance your proportion with accordance to shapes and sizes. Also, do try visual dressing more so in patterned pants that will distract a group of people by drawing attention to a particular part of the body. For example, you can dress in a wide legged pant that ruches at the waist flattening the tummy and offering you a waist that is more defined.

Often it is advisable to go for long pants. This is because they give a superb look, and an illusion of longer legs. In case you are going for a formal occasion, or wearing high heels, then a floor grazing wide legged pants would serve better.

Here are examples of wide legged pants that fats girls need to have in their wardrobes:

Knit Kit Pull-On Wide Leg Pant

Beauticurve Linen Wide Leg Pant with Belt




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