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Wear a bra with your Underbust Corset

One question I often ask half is whether you have to wear a bra and a chest. Since the corset itself can provide support, lift and shape, it is easy to put on the bra in a corset, but the bust corset? As a wearer of the corset and a guardian of long hair, I am no stranger to confrontation. I often tell people that I am not fashionable; I am rude or disturbing or have an eye. I often peek at my corset and wear my hair, because things that make me happy and don’t hurt others don’t have to show off. This kind of experience made me understand too much about what people say about fashion and dress. So what does this have to do with your bust corset wearing a bra?

I don’t have any postures that allow you to wear a bra or not wear a bra and your corset. The ending of the story. However, if you expect your chest corset to lift, support and shape your breasts in a traditional bra, you may be disappointed to know that this is not the case. The slinky corset does not cover the breasts, nor can it support what it does not touch. So if you want bra support/shaping, you can use a bra with a chest corset. As far as I know, there may be some incompatibility between the bust corset and some bras. I have been trying to wear your lower chest corset wearing a mainstream push-up bra with a steel ring. If your corset is a bit too long on your torso, the upper edge of the bodice can push your rim up and create a “double lift” effect – this usually gets worse when you sit down! Many of the more full-fledged women complained to me that it didn’t look natural and it didn’t feel like it, and they didn’t like the end result of the so-called “chin rest.” Also, if your corset is too tight around the chest and your rim is trapped between your body and the corset, the wire will get into your ribs very uncomfortably (I call it It is “wire intrusion”).

That’s why I always ask a person to walk along the length of the torso of the princess line, from the steel ring to the knee when sitting down. This is the maximum length that the bottom bodice can reach before the top edge begins to push up the chest or bottom edge and start digging into the knee.

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