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The trendy lipsticks you need to own in 2022

Lipstick is one of the most impactful makeup products when we use makeup. Not only gives a fresh color to the lips, but lipstick is also able to describe the character of the woman who wears it.

The Back To ’80 style and the dominance of makeup with a red hue will be a fashion and beauty trend throughout 2022. We can see it from the use of red for both fashion and makeup at popular fashion events. We know very well, that red is always in the shade collection of every lip product. This color symbolizes a strong, brave, elegant, energetic, and dynamic character. In addition, red is a timeless color, which will always be popular every year.

Interestingly, red lipstick has a lot of shades. From bright red, and dark to neutral shades. This year, there are several red color choices that you can pick up, both soft reds and very expressive reds. So, what trendy lipsticks are worth scooping up? Below are the recommendations, take a peek now!

Dark Red Shades

Dark red lipstick is the right choice for your special occasion. This color will look great in combination with a black or lace dress that will accentuate your femininity. Dark red lipstick is one color that will always look stunning and is suitable for all skin tones. Try colors like maroon, burgundy, plum, and even brown for a classy look. This deep and expressive lipstick color will stand out even more with a soft brow color and pastel eye makeup.

You can also take inspiration from the gothic style which is still a trend that attracts many fashion lovers. Create contrast between expressive lips and subtle makeup, painted on very light and pale matte skin. Get rid of blush and bronzer for a while if you want an amazing gothic look. Lipstick shades that you can use include burgundy, brown, plum, and even black or dark green.

Coral Red Shades

The next trendy lipstick in 2022 is coral red lipstick. This shade is getting more and more popular in summer because it has warm tones and can give an impression of uplifting and comfort. Plus, coral red is a pretty safe color for everyone. This lipstick will make you look fresh and glowing without looking too much for your everyday makeup. Pick up the shade terra cotta as an alternative to coral red, which is a blend of brown with a brick red tint. It is a color that many people love this summer.

Nude Red Shades

Makeup with neutral colors and earth tones is still popular and dominates the trend until mid-2022. The concept of a no-makeup makeup look, which is still the preferred choice for many women, is the right reason for you to choose muted lipstick colors to highlight your natural beauty. You can explore a variety of lipsticks with light nude colors to create subtle makeup looks, such as reddish beige or dusty rose shades. You can use nude red lipstick on various occasions and you can also choose a matte, glossy, or satin finish. If you’re sticking to “the more natural the makeup, the better” guidelines, then a rosy nude lipstick is your way to go.

Bright Red Shades

Bright red lipstick has always been an attribute of Hollywood stars. This color is classic, striking and versatile. In fact, this is a color that will make anyone look gorgeous just by dabbing it on the lips. This trendy lipstick is very easy to find, it feels like all brands have them so you have many options that you can consider based on your skin tone and where you are going to wear it. Don’t worry, bright red has a wide range, so it’s impossible if you can’t find one that clicks on your heart.

Red lipstick never goes out of style, so this is a must-have item in your makeup box. Apart from its versatile shades to be worn on various occasions, the color red never fails to make your face instantly fresh and bright. So, which red shade is your favorite?

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