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“The worst decision”: a new fashion trend that makes women straightforward

At the Harry-style concert held at the Inglewood Forum in California last month, Shealee Governatori suddenly found herself breathing hard. The culprit is not excited. This is the tight-fitting waist trainer she wears.After working on social media, the 20-year-old was squeezed into a corset-like device like “eight hours” and said in a tweet: “My breath is like England in the 17th century.” She is not sure. Will she wear it again? However, she came back to wear it for a quick walk and exercise, vowed never to “wear it for a long time on normal days,” she said.
Recently, women have been deformed by a product designed to give them new shapes or old shapes. Waist sneakers – Latex underwear tightly wrapped around the abdomen, waist tightened, in the shape of an hourglass – popular around 2015, Kim Kardashian West and her sisters began to praise them on Instagram.
The project mimics the look and shape of the old corset, the latest frontier between combat and fashion; women’s reactions vary from generation to generation, their perception of beauty standards – and whether they don’t mind giving up eating or breathing.Unlike belts or a pair of Spanx, they are worn for temporary smoothing. These trainers are often touted as weight loss aids that trim and shape the waist if worn during the day or during exercise. However, fitness experts are skeptical about any lasting benefits, and some wearers claim that they have been tortured.
“From the moment I put it on, my heart is depressed,” said Kate Proud, a small business owner in Ballarat, Australia, who attended the wedding earlier this year. She invited her husband and a friend to help her into the waist trainer, but once she participated in the competition, she decided to take it off. After 20 minutes, it made her “very hot”, “just like my internal organs were squeezed together,” she said.Ms. Proud recently posted a photo on Instagram that she wants to wear a waist trainer, along with a picture of Kardashian West wearing a seemingly effortless photo. “I decided to make all women realize that they are a real woman,” Ms. Proud said.

Ms. Kardashian West did not respond to the request immediately.

Stephanie Rodriguez started wearing a waist trainer. “The nails are broken, squatting, lying on the bed,” but now “it’s like a second layer of skin.” The 34-year-old Chicago executive The assistant said she was wearing her clothes. every day. After some doubt, she thought it would help reduce stomach fat, but she is very realistic. “Diet and exercise will help a lot, not just the waist trainer.”
Sari Alvarez of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said she tried to wear a waist trainer last year, which is “the worst decision ever.”

“Once I take it off, there will be such a huge pain on my back. I can’t sleep well for a few days,” she said. The 28-year-old legal assistant tried to use it while exercising, but even this was uncomfortable.

She said: “I know that losing belly fat is the hardest part of exercise, but I won’t take that long to achieve this goal.”

Fitness trainer Tracy Anderson warned against using them on her website. The post pointed out that women wearing them would feel uncomfortable because of abdominal compression.

Steve Bower, a professor of exercise physiology at the University of Missouri, said: “I think these devices should be called lumbar trainers because that’s what they actually do.” If worn for a long time, continuous external support can cause core muscles to change. Weak. “In terms of fitness, there is no quick fix,” he said.

Waist Gang Society, Waist Shaperz and Angel Curves and other lumbar trainer manufacturers say these claims are too exaggerated and unconfirmed. Some companies post a disclaimer on their website, saying the results vary from person to person or encourage diet and exercise to get the best results.

Ruben Soto, president of Hourglass Angel, which has been manufacturing waist trainers since 2007, said the benefits of wearing a belt trainer include “slimer waist, which enhances self-confidence” and improves posture. A more confident look, “and” feels extra full when the waist trainer compresses the abdomen to feel fuller. ”

Some people even say that they have a “heat-producing” (or heat-producing) technique that causes the core area of ??the stomach to sweat when worn. Trainers typically cost between $70 and $150 and are promoted on Instagram, some of which have hundreds of thousands of fans.

Of course, this looks earlier than social media. Since the 16th century, the entire Western world has been wearing a corset – tightening upper body underwear, laces, hooks and eyes.

During the French Revolution, the corset fell out of favor because of the aristocratic style.

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