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How to Layer Knitwear with Shirt to Look Very Beautiful?

How to Layer Knitwear with Shirt to Look Very Beautiful?

Layering shirts with knitwear is not only stunning but also trendy and comfortable. For the colder months, particularly. When you have to be imaginative and have a fabulous dress, the challenge arrives. Clam down, if that’s your concern. We will show you how to layer your knitwear to give you a whole new wardrobe.

Layer your shirt under a roomy knitwear

You may let the tails and cuffs of the sleeves peek off with this dress. If a more polished and streamlined look is needed, tuck in the bottoms and leave the sweater untucked. The two fabrics are illustrated by rolling your sleeves, raising the cuff above the sweater, and neatly rolling the shirt up to the neck.

Go for a printed shirt under an elaborate sweater

The perfect look will be slightly thicker and not too long so you can see the hem of the button-down pop out. A printed shirt under your intricate sweater provides a nice contrast between the layers.

V-neck sweater over a basic button-up shirt

A V-neck sweater fits perfectly well with a dress shirt. Get one in a white or light blue color with a semi-spread collar. With a template, a shirt will work wonders.

Long-sleeve cropped fitted sweater and atop button-down shirt

In autumn, this style produces a soft and cozy look that you can always wear. Slip into comfort in a more body-hugging fit with flowing fabric and loose cut, or go for a tailored look. 

Do casual with a button-down shirt that peeks out from underneath of knitwear

This brings out a chic and sophisticated look. You can always do this with dress pants instead of jeans if you are going for a more office-appropriate look.

Winter is always chilly which calls for layering. Luckily, we have learned a few tricks on fashion on how we can layer our knitwear and still rock in style. There are lots of on-trend but still versatile elements to play with an aim of staying both warm and look your best. So, why not follow those ways of layering to take you from this season right into the next.

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