How to Find the Right Size when Buying Underwear for Your Girlfriend
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How to Find the Right Size when Buying Underwear for Your Girlfriend

Picking up for a girl the right underwear can mean thoughtfulness and romantic undertone. But, lingerie’s measurement standards can be quite tricky. Fear not! Cosmolle will help you understand the basic tips to buying underwear for girlfriend  the right comfortable and stylish.

Subtle Sleuthing:

If she’s open to this idea, there are discreet methods for you to accomplish your goal of gathering this information. Point out which brands, types, and items she currently owns. Does she wear the same type, say certain pants or bra pattern most of the time? If she wears high waisted leggings or teeny tiny boy shorts? Taking these nuances to heart can be a big lessening of the burden to be born.

The Power of Labels:

If she has beloved favorite underwear or an activewear sets, the size tag will be helpful in making the initial observations and suggestions. Sizing’s can vary a little bit between different brands, but the main goal is to provide a fairly universal figure. Plenty of lingerie outlets have bra-fitting services, too, that are great if you’re confused about the size of her bras.

Understanding Size Charts:

The majority of lingerie brands give charts of various sizes on their websites or in the shops they work in. These sizes are listed on the size chart in inches or centimeters for both bra bands as well as cups with hips and waist measurements for panties and leggings. If in case you can quietly take her measurements by making sure the tape is at her middle and the end, then you will be able to use the table to estimate the correct size range that would fit her.

Getting the Size Right (Discreetly!)

This with a size shapes the overall impression of your clothes in terms of how comfortable or how it looks. Here are some discreet tactics:

  • Observe and Inquire: Pay attention to whatever current underwear sizes she is wearing and if discreetly possible, asks her favorite styles to help gauge her size properly.
  • Measurements Matter: Correctly measure her waist and hip sizes by employing a soft measuring tape which will guarantee the right fitting clothes for you.
  • Refer to Size Guides: You can check out the size charts provided by the underwear brand that you are interested in purchasing from just to make sure your size is more or less consistent with the sizes they provide.
  • Consider Stretch and Fabric: Allocate fabrics, which combined have a give with knitted cottons for a movement with preference.
  • Elasticity is Key: Consider an underwear with an elastic band that goes just under the widest part of your hips for extra support but not compression.
  • Size Up if Unsure: For any time of doubt, better double the size to provide you with a fitting room with comfort, as wearing larger undergarment than smaller one will be much easier.

Consider Her Style

Imagine she preferred wearing morning dress and attending social events. Here are some tips:

  • Everyday Comfort: Will it be a lay-off of classic bikinis type or a panda of a comfy hipsters style? Prefer the soft and breathable fabric, like cotton or modal.
  • Activewear: High performance fabrics work well for the gym or a run; moisture-wicking synthetics are the preferred Cosmolle option. High waisted leggings help provide an extra degree of support and stomach control while exercising.
  • Special Occasion: It is exploration marching through you? Think of a lavish lace panty or a tidy bralette to make a special romantic gift.

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