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Halsey draws attention in a lace bodice and rare denim shorts as she indulges in cigarettes while walking in New York

On Saturday night, she attracted 15,000 spectators at the headline performance of the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival.

Halsey enjoyed some stoppages as she wandered around with her good friends in SoHo, New York on Sunday afternoon.

The 23-year-old founder of Closer flaunts her skinny legs and heavy frame on a distressed Duke of Daisy, paired with a low-cut lace bodice.
Smoking while she was walking low-key, the singer chose comfort because she wore a pair of all-white sneakers.
The young Titan star used her accessories to show off her weird fashion, as she wore a pair of transparent cat glasses with diamond cross necklaces and golden bamboo earrings.

Halsey highlights her well-defined features and foundation and mascara punches, which work well with her newly emerging Elf hairstyle.
New Jersey natives traveled after she staged the stage at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival in Wantagh, New York on weekends.

Halsey joined a series of artists at the top of the charts, including hip hop band Rae Sremmurd, singer Kehlani and rapper Taylor Bennett.

Shortly before the show began, the crow-haired beauty born to an African-American father and an Italian-American mother took Instagram to share a self-portrait in the bathroom, showing her natural tight-fitting curls.
She suddenly said: “New growth, new growth; all of this has gradually disappeared.

Halsey was attacked by critics who claimed to be lying, while others accused her of possession of culture.

However, when she accepted Twitter, the star slammed these comments: “I can’t believe I spent a whole year growing up under my curly hair, because you all said that my natural hair looks like a Way

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