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The Top Summer MoisturizersFor All Skin Types

Meta Description: For plump and hydrated skin during this hot, hot season, here are the top summer moisturizers for all skin types! Care for your skin and pamper it for that natural glow everybody wants to have.

1. Younger Looking Skin With Olay Regenerist Cream Deep Hydration Micro-Sculpting

Olay Regenerist Cream Deep Hydration Micro-Sculpting is a one-stop fave for hydration that actually works! It doesn’t make your face oily the way most moisturizers today do. Its niacinamide component hydrates your skin from within.

Within a few weeks, you’ll notice your face will start to glow and look younger because after all, hydrated skin is younger-looking skin!  

2. Smooth Application With Neutrogena Gel Cream Hydro Boost

Let’s face it (pun intended), affordability is just as important as any other feature you may be looking for in summer moisturizers. Here’s an affordable yet totally worthy-your-money skincare product: Neutrogena Gel Cream Hydro Boost.

Greasy, icky moisturizers? Toss out the window! This one right here can be easily absorbed and doesn’t leave any residue. Most notably, its gel-like consistency provides you with an easy and seamless application, too.

3. Radiant Skin With Weleda Skin Food

Here’s a name that’s slowly making headlines, even celebrities and famous makeup artists have been endorsing it because of its hallmarks. Weleda Skin Food hydrates and it keeps skin smooth. But the one feature why it’s beloved it that it leaves that dewy, woke-up-like this shine.

4. Mess-Free Burt’s Bees Stick Hydration

Burt’s Bee’s is a household brand that’s been around for decades. You know them for their line of lip balms that are heaven on the lips. Now, they have a line specific to moisturizers in a stick form!

Talk about ease of applying it especially when you’re in a rush. With natural ingredients, it’s a chemical-free moisturizer that’s fast-acting. Also, you’ll adore how it’s super portable and convenient to use.

5. No To Pollutants With Farmacy Oil-Free Daily Greens Gel

Farmacy Oil-Free Daily Greens Gel is your protective shield/ moisturizer that safeguards your skin from pollutants that clog pores whenever you’re outside. Its moringa and papaya extracts get rid of dirt while moisturizing your skin and leaving it extra clean.

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