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Is it good for the skin to blow air conditioner in summer?

Meta description – Air conditioning is a must-and-should necessity for many during the summers. It’s a relief from the harsh hot winds outside your house or office. However, the cool air from the rectangular invention can be harmful to your skin. Here’s how

1. Itchy and dry skin

You see, the mechanism of functioning of an air conditioner involves sucking the hot air from the room and replacing it with cool air. In the process, it even sucks out the moisture from the air and your skin. This causes dry skin and itching in people who are not used to the dry condition.

2.Welcomes bacteria

People do not care about cleaning their bacteria. You need to keep the mats inside and the oscillating handle clean. However, when you fail to do that, your AC sprays more bacteria around you and that can gather on your skin and face.

3.Slows skin’s regeneration

You must have had a walk on the hot roads of your city and then entered a room with air conditioning. Sigh! What a relief! But this sudden switch in the temperature can harm your skin. It might put it in a stressful situation that skin tries to recover from, but in the meanwhile, forgets to regenerate. Doing this more often will destroy skin elasticity too.

4.Unhealthy and dehydrated skin

As mentioned earlier, the air conditioner will suck out the moisture from the air. This will certainly make your skin dry. But it can do much more than that. You hardly sweat when you are under the cold air. It keeps the toxins trapped in your body and there is no way they can go out through perspiration. Also, the oil glands stop producing enough sebum that is important to make your skin shine. This creates a dull and unhealthy look.

5.Aggravates skin problems

Air conditioning will give rise to flaky skin. It starts to peel off and some can even develop red lesions when they have extremely sensitive skin. But people suffering from skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea might see aggravated symptoms after being under the air conditioning for a few days.

But these problems can be avoided if you moisturize your skin, drink more water, and try to get some fresh air from the outside environment.

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