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Hong Kong-Style Red Dress Retro Style

The right style never goes out of fashion. The Hong Kong red dress retro style in the 1950s dress still rocks to date. It falls below or above the knee. Kick-off your summer with the red dress, and you won’t look out of place. In this article, we will show you how to wear a red dress according to body type.

Pear-Shaped Body

A body shaped like a pear is one with a narrow top. In simple terms, from waist upwards, its slimmer, and the hips and waist area are a bit curvier. Some have prominent thighs even when thin. If you choose a dress, concentrate on the top part to create an impression of balance for your body. This form is well suited to a v-neckline top.

Bold Shoulders Body Type

If you have broad shoulders, this gives you the advantage to play down and flaunt a vast array of styles. Opt for dresses with belts or v-neckline. The strapless or tiny braces make you look gigantic as they show the broadness of your shoulders.

Rectangular Body Type

Most likely, you have tiny bust with rectangular body shape, a dress that would be suitable is the one that can pinch in at the waist. Make sure you concentrate on the upper body. Go for a high neckline to attach to the upper body. The dress should have A-line, ruffles, bubbles, or circles.

Apple Shaped Body

It is also known as the inverted triangle shape. Someone with this appearance has broader shoulders, big busts, and narrow hips and waists. Choose a dress that has a crew neck and a fit-and-flare design.

Slender Body Type

You are lucky to have a skinny body since you can make heads turn with a stunning fitted dress. The mermaid prom dress goes well with the slender body. Let it have a high neck to capture attention to the upper body.

Everyone is of a different type of body. You may not fall under the mentioned shapes because some women have a combination of the shapes. The listed body types are just basic guidelines and can be used as a starting point to understand how to dress your body.

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