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Dakota Fanning’s Corset actually changed her body

Dakota Fanning, TNT mini-star Alienist, recently unveiled one of the most challenging aspects of her Victorian character: a corset.

When she was wearing her dress for the first time, the 24-year-old said she was actually fainting.

“I just landed,” Fan Ning began. “It was before we started shooting. I just got the plane, you know that you are a little swollen and tired, and the time difference is great. They put the corset on it. Yes, I think, ‘I am leaving. I am leaving!’ I have to sit down. Then they will try to say, “Well, how are you now?” I will say, ‘No, no. Still have to sit. ”

Despite the introduction of instability, Fanning’s body quickly adapted to restrictive clothing. “My body has changed completely,” she said. “I mean, I used to go through a corset, but I have never been through it for a long time. Seven months; your body has completely changed. You can open it without tying or relaxing. In the end, I just pulled it down and pulled it down. It was like a second nature.”

“Whether it’s good or bad, a corset will let you into the role, because it does affect everything you do: breathing, walking, running, sitting, standing, absolutely eating,” she continued. “Yes, you have to count it a bit because it doesn’t feel good after lunch.”

The actress’s body is more likely to accept the waist tightening device for a reason: it will change the shape of your body. Research (terrible, terrible research) shows that the corset wear actually deforms the bones of Victorian women. Proven effects include misalignment of their thorns, warpage of the ribs, and actual changes in organ position (!).

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