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Rita Ora Rocks reveals a corset and braid

British singer and actress Rita Ora entered the popular social media platform Instagram a few hours ago, sharing a sexy and provocative image with her millions of fans and fans. Leading the same part of Lady Gaga and Madonna, the little star’s recent social media sharing is both creative and exciting.

In the image, you can see Ora wearing exquisite clothing, all silver jewelry and embroidery. Wearing a fitted transparent corset with embroidered cups and a beautiful beige bow on the chest, the “Let You Love Me” singer shows her world famous people. A tulle tutu at the waist of the bodice helps to accentuate the overall beauty, an elegant yet evocative sexy. An absolutely huge neckline piece is integrated into the bodice, which is mainly composed of many silver rhinestones woven into a mesh. Her hands were gently placed on her temples, with a black shadow on her nails, and Ora showed some long white gloves and a pile of expensive rings.
Her iconic platinum blonde was struck here as a tight-fitting scorpion, squatting down her torso, resting on her abdomen, staring at her figure. Some stray lines can be seen separately, providing some depth to the composition. Perfectly engraved eyebrows and plump pink lips, slightly separated, help to perfect the photo, showing that Ora is a stunning and beautiful theme.
A large number of fans and followers of Ora seem to agree that since the release earlier this year, there have been more than 150,000 favorite and more than 700 commentary snapshots. Using a self-plugin to describe the image and motivate the viewer to watch her planned performance on BBC 1 tonight, the “girly” singer certainly knows how to conduct marketing.
Rita Ora has recently made headlines in her lively Halloween costume. As a detail of XXL, Ora made a rather amazing transformation for this year’s weird seasonal celebrations, becoming the idol of the music industry, Post Malone. Carrying face tattoos, bling, a bottle of beer and smoke – Aura’s postal Malone scene was unveiled and many revelers appeared at the KISS Haunted House party. The bold imitator was hesitant about some of her accessories, but made sure that the attendees were clearly aware that the cigarettes in her hands were fake.
“This is not a real cigarette, don’t panic, Wembley… This is a real Bud Light, but it is not open, so I am not illegal.”
The pop singer seems to have a sense of social responsibility, accompanied by her sense of humor.

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